Automotive Testing Expo China 2017


19, 20, 21 September 2017
Hall 3, SWEECC, Shanghai, China

Exhibitor List

A&D Technology, Inc

Stand: 2036

A&G Technology Co. Ltd.

Stand: 2012

AB Dynamics Ltd.

Stand: 6022

Accurate Technologies

Stand: 10043

Additium Technologies S.L.

Stand: 11033

Altran Concept Tech GmbH

Stand: 4033

Ametek Sensors, Test & Calibration

Stand: 13050


Stand: 1012

Angelantoni Test Technologies

Stand: 7012

Antriebstechnik KATT Hessen GmbH

Stand: 9024

AOS Technologies AG

Stand: 12030

Aries Ingenieria Y Sistemas, S.A.

Stand: 8024

ART Logics (Shanghai) Ltd

Stand: 1021

AstroNova, Inc. Test & Measurement

Stand: 8042

ATB Motors (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 13009

ATESTEO Gear Research Center (China) Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 1042

ATiS Ltd

Stand: 2046

Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.,

Stand: 2013

Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH

Stand: 6000

AVL List GmbH

Stand: 7000

B+B Automation Dalian Co Ltd.,

Stand: 3050

Battenberg Robotic GmbH & Co KG

Stand: 6045

Beijing Brilliance Long Technologies Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 7066

Beijing Deanwell Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 9066

Beijing Dopler Eco-Technologies Co Ltd

Stand: 9054

Beijing Huashenyuantong Technology

Stand: 6054

Beijing Linggong Technology

Stand: 4036

Beijing Palmary Technology Ltd

Stand: 11021

Beijing Silusheng Automation Systems Integration Co., Ltd.

Stand: 13033

Beijing Tianxiang Hengtong Automotive Equipment

Stand: 6030

Beijing Wind Hill Technologies Co., Limited

Stand: 1015

Beijing Zenmax hydraulic Technology Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 2042

Berghof Automation GmbH

Stand: 2000

BF-Engineering GmbH

Stand: 7069


Stand: 7012


Stand: 1063

Blum-Novotest GmbH

Stand: 4037

Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

Stand: 8033

BSWA Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 10007

CAMA (Luoyang) Electromechanic Co Ltd

Stand: 4039

CENTA MP (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Stand: 9039

CFM Schiller GmbH

Stand: 2021

Changchun Research Institute for Mechanical Science Co Ltd

Stand: 6033

Changshu Environmental Testing Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 11061

Chengdu Rig Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand: 2041

China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC)

Stand: 9032

China Electronic Rayhua Technology

Stand: 12042

China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co Ltd

Stand: 9027

Chongqing ATEC Test Equipment

Stand: 12027

Chongqing MESSRING Trading Co Ltd

Stand: 2006

CIeNET Technologies

Stand: 11059

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products

Stand: 10028

Climatic Testing Systems

Stand: 9004


Stand: 1045


Stand: 12036


Stand: 1018

CX Test

Stand: 4042

Dacell Co Ltd

Stand: 10040


Stand: 12009

Danlaw Inc

Stand: 3000

Dasan Networks

Stand: 11045

Data Physics, Lansmont, Team (members of NVT Group)

Stand: 12015

DEKRA iST Reliability Services

Stand: 13042

DEWESoft China Limited

Stand: 4003


Stand: 5003

Dongguan Zhongzhi Testing Instruments Co., Ltd

Stand: 3039

Dr. Hoenle AG

Stand: 2009

dSpace Mechatronic Control Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Stand: 4015

DTS - Diversified Technical Systems

Stand: 4033


Stand: 9015

DynaTronic Corporation

Stand: 13030

Dytran Instruments Inc

Stand: 4003

Eckel Industries

Stand: 1009

ECON Technologies Co Ltd

Stand: 4043

Elevion ETS (China) Co. Ltd.

Stand: 11024


Stand: 6015

Encopim S.L

Stand: 4027

ENGIE Deutschland

Stand: 6001

Engineering Test/Quality France

Stand: 9006

Eontronix Co Ltd

Stand: 7024

EPTEK Test Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 13003


Stand: 7006

Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co Ltd

Stand: 9057


Stand: 7027

Falcon - Falkner Consulting fur Messtechnologie GmbH

Stand: 8039

FEV China Co. Ltd

Stand: 5009

FLIR Optoelectronic Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Stand: 10010


Stand: 12054

FST System

Stand: 11048

FTO Electric Tech. (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 12051

Gantner Instruments China Ltd

Stand: 4003


Stand: 10031

GeneSys Elektronik GmbH

Stand: 9018

GETEC Test Systeme GmbH

Stand: 1033

gfai tech GmbH

Stand: 5006

GMC-Instruments (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 12067

Guangzhou Zeer Testing Technology Co. Ltd.

Stand: 6020

GW Instek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 6048

GWS Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.,

Stand: 7034

H J Unkel (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.

Stand: 5000

Haenchen (Shanghai) Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd

Stand: 10025

Hangzhou Claude Mechanical Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stand: 9051

Hangzhou Jebool Technology

Stand: 13052

Hangzhou Radiant Digital Technology Co

Stand: 8051

HANYI Technologies Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 12061

Haussmann Industrieelektronik

Stand: 8027

HBE Fluid Equipment Co. Ltd

Stand: 3027

Head Acoustics GmbH

Stand: 5006

Hefei Kewell Power System Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 2045

Heilongjiang Red Valley Automotive Test Co., Ltd

Stand: 9007

Henschel (Shanghai) Power Transmission Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 7048


Stand: 2039

Hong Kong Qinda Technology Group Ltd

Stand: 10049

HongKe Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 8036

Horiba (China) Trading Co. Ltd

Stand: 4000

Hottinger Baldwin Measurement (Suzhou) Co Ltd

Stand: 6006

Huahai Technologies Co Ltd

Stand: 2033

Humanetics Innovative Solutions

Stand: 12039

Hunan Xiangyi Dynamic Test Instrument Co Ltd

Stand: 6003

Hung Ta Instrument Co Ltd

Stand: 1000

IAC Acoustics

Stand: 13015


Stand: 9057

IMA Engineering

Stand: 11003

imcAccess Co Ltd

Stand: 10016


Stand: 8003

Influx Technology Ltd

Stand: 13027

INGUN Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 12000

Instron GmbH

Stand: 3015

Integrated System Ltd

Stand: 10004


Stand: 12058

Intrepid Control Systems Inc

Stand: 8000


Stand: 1015

JASTI China Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 6039

Jiangsu Tomilo Environmental Testing Equipment

Stand: 12056

Julabo Technology

Stand: 13039


Stand: 12003

KEM Flow Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 3044

Keysight Technologies

Stand: 2001

Kistler Instrumente AG

Stand: 9018

Kistler Instrumente AG (IPC Divison)

Stand: 9030

KM PreDictive Maintenance

Stand: 2054

Kokusai (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Stand: 8006

Konrad GmbH

Stand: 13012


Stand: 2001

Kratzer Automation AG

Stand: 7015

Kubrich Ingenieurgesellschaft bmH & Co KG

Stand: 11042


Stand: 4018

Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co Ltd

Stand: 12045

LandTop Technologies Co., Ltd.

Stand: 5006

Langdi Measurment & Control Technology

Stand: 7033

LEMO Electronics (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Stand: 8045

LERO Intelligent Tech. Co., Ltd.

Stand: 13045


Stand: 1025

LinkeDriving Tech

Stand: 12001

m+p International

Stand: 8030

MAHA China Ltd.

Stand: 3003

Mariso Corporation

Stand: 4054

Masterflex Hoses (Kunshan) Co Ltd

Stand: 1006

Maximator (Shanghai) Fluid Engineering Co. Ltd.

Stand: 3051

Mayr Power Transmission (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 3030

Measurement Technology Laboratories

Stand: 1054

Mechanical Simulation Corp.

Stand: 1057

Meggitt Sensing Systems - Measurement Group

Stand: 5024

Meidensha Corporation

Stand: 2027

MEMS Technology Corporation

Stand: 8021

Michigan Scientific

Stand: 3009

Microsys Technologies Inc.

Stand: 4033

MKS Instruments, Inc

Stand: 7081


Stand: 11056

MOOG China - Shanghai

Stand: 5018


Stand: 2051

MTS Systems Corp

Stand: 6012

Mueller BBM VAS (Beijing)

Stand: 4012

Mustang Advanced Engineering

Stand: 5015

NAC Image Technology Inc / Shanghai VTS

Stand: 8039

Nanhua Instruments (HK) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 1027

NanJing HangNan Testing Instrument Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 1060

Nanjing Hanwei Nanleng Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd.,

Stand: 7063

Nanjing Jiuding Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment Co Ltd

Stand: 4009

National Automotive Testing and R and D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP)

Stand: 12066

National Instruments

Stand: 12018

New Transform Technology

Stand: 12058

NORRES Hose Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 4030

North Star Imaging, Inc

Stand: 11012


Stand: 9049

ODU (Shanghai) International Trading Co Ltd

Stand: 7060

One Measurement Group Ltd

Stand: 4003

Ono Sokki Shanghai Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 6018

OptimumG LLC

Stand: 7075

Orion Test Systems & Automation

Stand: 7036


Stand: 5021

Oxford Technical Solutions

Stand: 10019

PCB Piezotronics Sensor Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Stand: 8009

Peak Solution GmbH

Stand: 3045

Pelican Products, Inc.

Stand: 12064

Photron (Shanghai) Limited

Stand: 11043

Polytec GmbH

Stand: 10046

Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH

Stand: 6010

PowerMAC Co., LTD.

Stand: 6009

Pruftechnik Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 8057

Q-Lab Corporation

Stand: 5000

Qidong Liantong Dynamometer Co Ltd

Stand: 5012

Qingdao MKL Technologies Ltd

Stand: 4024

Reich Drive Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 10013

Reilhofer KG

Stand: 8012

RENK Shanghai Service and Commerical Co., Ltd.

Stand: 2003

Revolutionary Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Stand: 1039

RION Co., Ltd.

Stand: 1066

Robo Technik Automation Co., ltd.

Stand: 1048

Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co. Ltd

Stand: 7018

Saginomiya Seisakusho Inc

Stand: 3021

Seattle Safety, LLC

Stand: 4033

Sejfo International

Stand: 7078

Senther Technologies Co., Ltd.

Stand: 12052

Servotest Testing Systems Ltd

Stand: 6024

SGS- CSTC Standards Technical Services Co Ltd

Stand: 11051

Shanghai Bluepard Instruments Co Ltd

Stand: 9045

Shanghai Concord Technology Corporation

Stand: 8051

Shanghai EON Technologies Co., Ltd.

Stand: 4033

Shanghai Fedutech Co. Ltd.

Stand: 4046

Shanghai Ibon Industrial Co Ltd

Stand: 7082

Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection & Technical

Stand: 4042

Shanghai Keygo Technology Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 11006

Shanghai Lujao Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 7009

Shanghai Quanyou Refrigeration Equipment Eng. Co Ltd

Stand: 11036

Shanghai Rece Instrument Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 11018

Shanghai Satake Cool-heat & Control Technique Co Ltd

Stand: 7072

Shanghai Strong Measurement & Control Tech. Co. Ltd.

Stand: 2015

Shanghai Toceil

Stand: 9006

Shanghai Torchi Machinery & Electrics Equipments Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 8013

Shanghai W-Ibeda High Tech. Group Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 11000

Shanghai Xinshu M & E Equipment Co Ltd

Stand: 1036

Shanghai Zundar Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand: 4035+3033

Shenyang ZIWEI Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 6042

Shenzhen Connector Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 7045

Shenzhen Wance Testing Machine Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 10052


Stand: 12048

Shore Western Manufacturing Inc.

Stand: 12012

Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd (SFAE)

Stand: 9000

Siemens Industry Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Stand: 9000

Sierra Instruments (Shanghai) Ltd

Stand: 4006

Simpro S.p.A

Stand: 2024

SincoTec China Ltd

Stand: 10022

SOFTING Automotive Electronics GmbH

Stand: 1015

Sonus Technologies Co Ltd

Stand: 8018

Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground (SHPG)

Stand: 3018

Soway Tech Limited

Stand: 2048

Spirent Communications

Stand: 13049

Stähle GmbH

Stand: 9021

STS Sensor Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 12033

Suchy Data Systems GmbH

Stand: 11015

Sunrise Instruments

Stand: 9036

Suzhou PCO Imaging Technology Co. Ltd.

Stand: 12006

Suzhou Sushi Testing Instrument Co Ltd.

Stand: 10034

Suzhou SV Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 2030


Stand: 6057

Taichy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 9048


Stand: 9003

Teesing Industrial Systems (Beijing) Co Ltd

Stand: 13063

Tekscan Inc

Stand: 8021

Telemotive AG

Stand: 3024

Tescor Inc.

Stand: 7057

Testo Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Stand: 11009

Tesys Co

Stand: 2039

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)

Stand: 7042

ThyssenKrupp System Engineering (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Stand: 7039

Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Stand: 11075


Stand: 7012


Stand: 7030

Tokyo Keiso Co Ltd

Stand: 3042

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems

Stand: 7026

TOYO Corporation China

Stand: 13051

TS Group GmbH

Stand: 4038

TSI Instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Stand: 3043

TStech Group

Stand: 5021


Stand: 3012

UltiTech Corp

Stand: 11030

UNICO China Automation Co., Ltd.,

Stand: 9033

United Target Technology Company Ltd.

Stand: 1003


Stand: 5030

Vector Software

Stand: 13021


Stand: 11033

Votech (Shanghai) Company Limited

Stand: 10037

Weiss Umweltechnik GmbH

Stand: 5027

Weiss-Voetsch Environmental Testing Instruments (Taicang) Co Ltd

Stand: 6036


Stand: 11039

Wuhan Energy Electromechanical Equipment Engineering

Stand: 13060

WuHan Intest Electronic Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 3036

Wujiang Haituo Instrument Equipment Co Ltd

Stand: 7051

Wuxi Ausiweite Sci Tech Co Ltd

Stand: 6027

Wuxi Partner Science & Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 4048

Xi'an Stropower Technologies, Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 7003

XiAn E-Fly Avionics Science & Technology Co Ltd

Stand: 5039

Yokogawa Shanghai Trading Co Ltd

Stand: 4045

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH

Stand: 12067

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Stand: 4021

Zhuzhou ZDTEC Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.,

Stand: 12002

ZNova Technology

Stand: 5033

Zwick Roell

Stand: 10001