Testing Expo China - Automotive 2018

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September 25, 26, 27, 2018
Hall 3, SWEECC, Shanghai, China

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Multi-functional climatic wind tunnel laboratory
AVIC CAPDI INTEGRATION Equipment Co. Ltd. - Booth 13054

Wind tunnel designer AVIC CIE will use Testing Expo China - Automotive to display a concept model of its newly designed multi-functional climatic wind tunnel laboratory. The 1:40 scale wind tunnel model demonstrates the vertical wind tunnel structure, the 3/4 open jet test section, four soaking rooms, a specialized sun simulation test cell and a rain simulation test cell.
A full-scale vehicle can be tested under a maximum speed of 250km/h in the test section, which is equipped with an integrated twin-axle roller dynamometer and sun simulation system that simulate real road conditions. High and low temperatures can also be replicated down to -40°C.

The lab building is designed to accommodate the wind tunnel and four conditioning chambers where test objects are prepared for analysis. Vehicles can be pre-cooled or pre-heated before being transported – in less than 15 minutes – into the wind tunnel.

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