Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018

05. / 06. / 07. /Juni 2018
Halle 8 + 10 / Messe Stuttgart / Deutschland


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Hall 8 Technology Demonstration Area - HALL 8

Digitisation in testing and certification

Dr Malte Zur
Managing director
Testxchange GmbH
Digitisation is a mega-trend that greatly affects the market for industrial testing and certification. For outsourced testing at third-party test providers, there is still some catching up to do when it comes to the digital collaboration of test labs with their industrial clients, such as automotive OEMs or suppliers. In the context of Industry 4.0, an increasing degree of automation and digitisation will be needed in test labs to support the clients' needs for more efficiency, cost savings and process transparency. Testxchange is an initiative to support the process of digitisation in industrial testing.

Using big data to ensure safe autonomous vehicles

Manuel Hofmann
Field marketing team lead - automotive
National Instruments
Big data acquired on the road and throughout the test process will help make autonomous vehicles a reality. Testing strategies of the past are inadequate for the autonomous vehicles of the future. To meet external safety and customer demands and internal time-to-market and cost pressures, you need a platform able to fully emulate and test ADAS, V2X, infotainment, powertrain, and body and chassis hardware and software as integrated systems instead of just discrete subsystems. The data and systems management technology is an example of the Industrial Internet of Things that is changing the way autonomous vehicles are designed, tested and trained.

Rest bus simulation in test bench

Amine Bajnati
Intersystem integration specialist in testbed
Renault SAS
The automotive industry is undergoing a very important evolution, due to massive integration of new functions such as AD/ADAS, mechatronics and intersystem in vehicles. The resultant impact on the testbed is very important for two reasons: the organ and system validation is very dependent on the embedded software and ECU for representativeness; the intersystem communication between the ECUs is increasingly complex. To meet these challenges, Renault and Altran have collaborated to develop a new intersystem module for rest bus simulation in different test benches.

BIA extends road simulation possibilities with its newly developed HexaWheel

Matthieu Driat
Project manager
To meet the increasing demand for performance and to accelerate product development time, BIA has developed a spindle/wheel-coupled road load simulator: the HexaWheel. This newly developed test system can be used for quarter-car tests, axle tests and full-vehicle tests. The HexaWheel control system can perform road load replications and can also be included in HIL/MIL simulations.

Boost productivity of durability load data acquisition and the analysis process

Gert Frans
Senior business developer
Siemens PLM Software
More vehicles brought to market combined with engineering requirements for lighter and stronger vehicles, directly increases the workload for durability testing. Since these tests are usually large scale and mostly happen at the end of the development cycle, they are often conducted under huge time pressure. Hence, it is of crucial importance that automotive test teams can collaborate in a productive way to get all this work done. Durability engineers therefore need an integrated end-to-end platform that guides them through all the different steps of a typical durability testing campaign, combining load data acquisition, load data analysis and fatigue life estimation.

Crash performance of magnesium and TRIP steel

Dr Robert Szlosarek
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
This presentation will focus on the crash performance of lightweight materials. First of all, drop tower tests of tubes made of magnesium will be shown. Using the tapering mechanism, the mass specific energy assumption is considerably better than aluminium. Subsequently, crash simulations of a crash absorber made of TRIP steel will be shown. TRIP steel is characterised by high strength in combination with great plasticity. The numerical examples show the potential of this kind of steel in crash structures.

Beyond 20k – what it takes for high speed

Guido Lowitsch
Account manager
Parker Hannifin
To test traction and auxiliaries in e-mobility and hybrids, the speed and torque of test rigs are constantly increasing. Power ratings above 250kW and speed in the region beyond 20k rpm are the current talk of the town. This presentation will explain how to get there by using a unique cooling concept.

RoboPIV: how robotics enable PIV on an industrial scale

Frank Michaux
Managing director
ILA_5150 GmbH
Particle image velocimetry benefits from the developments in the field of industrial robotics, especially for automated, large-scale industrial environments. An example of a typical automotive wind tunnel application is used to show the flexibility and the complete automation of stereo PIV measurements. Three robots are individually used as a 6D traversing unit for the laser and for the two cameras. The control of the synchronised movements of the robots is integrated in the wind tunnel control system. Measurements can be requested through the interface. The RoboPIV system automatically starts the measurement and the results are already available after the run.

Onboard electronics testing for tomorrow’s automotive industry

Matthias Popp
Global VP testing services
New mobility, connectivity and environment are topics of innovation for onboard electronic systems in the automotive industry. Driven by regulations on CO2 reduction, ongoing projects like autonomous (ADAS) and electrical vehicles are plentiful. This is why SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, provides customised services for tomorrow’s products. This presentation will explain how SGS deals with testing of electronic components by giving and sharing its expertise.

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