Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018

5 / 6 / 7 JUNE 2018
Halls 8 + 10 / Messe Stuttgart / Germany


Exhibitor News Releases

Complex aeroacoustics wind tunnels
TAB Ingenieure - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8242

Most engineers are familiar with wind tunnels, which are used for measuring air currents and testing aerodynamics, but not all are necessarily as familiar with aeroacoustics wind tunnels, which are becoming increasingly important as powertrains become quieter, especially with the growth of electric vehicles.

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France’s first CAV proving ground
UTAC CERAM - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8353

If you’re of the opinion that real-world testing of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) won’t be enough to complete all the scenarios and kilometres needed to achieve safety validation, then make sure to speak to UTAC CERAM, which is to open France’s first proving ground designed specifically for CAVs.

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Non-destructive side crash simulator
Encopim - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8338

To radically improve side crash simulations and speed up how quickly engineers can view the effects of car body and inner trim intrusion, Encopim has developed the Advanced Lateral Impact Simulator (ALIS), a system that accurately reproduces car body and trimming deformation on catapult crash simulation.

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Magnetic sensors for valvetrain measurement
Sensitec - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 1708

According to expo exhibitor Sensitec, the magnetoresistive measurement principle has great potential applied in test benches, and in valvetrain analysis in fired combustion engines. In particular, the company’s valvetrain measurement system (VTMS) is said to provide vehicle developers with new measurement opportunities in the testing of combustion engines.

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Solar simulation and crash lighting
BFE - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8212

For all your solar simulation and crash test lighting needs, stop by the BFE stand where the company will be presenting the new BF Infrared Lamp featuring numerous improvements. BFE will also be offering visitors an opportunity to learn more about the new BF Test Box, which can be used to simulate the body of a vehicle for testing interior components. Furthermore, BFE will showcase its new BF Mini UV Chamber, designed to be affordable and simple in use – it comes with a small SPS and temperature regulation, but costs a fraction of comparable mini chambers.

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Find test labs quickly and easily
testxchange - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8372

Thanks to its revolutionary online marketplace and cloud software, testxchange connects engineers and purchasers with the right test lab – anytime, anywhere, to improve the collaboration between labs and customers more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The company has built an unrivalled database of more than 10,000 test labs internationally, which includes the capabilities of each lab. This forms the basis of testxchange search engine. The other main component of this online product is testxchange's test project management software, which makes outsourcing test projects considerably more efficient.

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High-speed camera technology
HS Vision - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand C106

Make sure you head to High Speed Vision’s stand for a demo of the company’s SpeedCam MicroVis system, designed for high-speed recording in difficult-to-reach areas or where space is extremely limited. The system’s light-sensitive sensor is enclosed by the most advanced microelectronics, combined with a unique housing design, making the SpeedCam MicroVis one of the smallest storage cameras available worldwide.

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Strong and durable tire testing belts
Berndorf Band - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8528

Visit Berndorf Band’s stand, where the company will be showcasing a portfolio of high-quality, reliable steel belts for testing tyres, which now must meet an ever-increasing spectrum of demands and stringent international standards. The result of extensive research and development, Berndorf has engineered numerous special belts, made principally from Nicro 52.6, which is both high strength and extremely durable. The company has also developed a special age hardening process for stainless steel to protect the material properties.

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Engine mount testing
m+p international - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 1568

The vibration transmission characteristics of engine mounts, and in particular the dynamic stiffness, are of key importance to noise and vibration engineers. There is an increasing demand for higher test frequencies.

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Real-world emissions testing expertise
Emissions Analytics - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8030

To discuss all your real-world testing requirements, head to the Emissions Analytics stand. Whether it is for R&D, regulatory preparation or benchmarking, the company offers a wealth of expertise in the application of portable emissions measuring systems (PEMS). Experts will be on hand to share their experiences of testing over 2,000 different vehicles including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machinery.

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Vibration control technology and portable data acquisition
Vibration Research - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand 8238

Vibration Research will showcase the VR9500 Revolution Vibration Controller with easy-to-use VibrationVIEW software, designed to set up and monitor vibration tests and perform automatic and custom reporting. It includes patented innovations used by testing labs and engineers in a wide range of sectors across the world. iDOF, FDS, FDR and Kurtosion are a few of VR’s applications that quickly accurately solve troublesome industry issues like over- and under-testing and predicting a product’s point of fatigue.

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Future Show: Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019, 21-23 May 2019, Halls 7, 8, 9, 10, Stuttgart Messe, Germany