Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019

21 / 22 / 23 May 2019
Halls 8 + 10 / Messe Stuttgart / Germany


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High-speed camera technology
HS Vision - Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand C106

Make sure you head to High Speed Vision’s stand for a demo of the company’s SpeedCam MicroVis system, designed for high-speed recording in difficult-to-reach areas or where space is extremely limited. The system’s light-sensitive sensor is enclosed by the most advanced microelectronics, combined with a unique housing design, making the SpeedCam MicroVis one of the smallest storage cameras available worldwide.

It can be supplied with a resolution of either 800 x 600 pixels at 1,000fps, or 1,280 x 720 pixels at 500fps, and offers a photosensitivity of 3,000 ASA monochrome; 2,000 ASA colour. Extremely compact and lightweight, the camera weighs only 200g and measures 59 x 30 x 32mm. The unit is also ruggedised, able to withstand shock of up to 200g at 11ms. Depending on the application, it can be used as a standalone solution, or operated with other cameras when connected together with the company’s Linkbox.

Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stand C106

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Future Show: Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019, 21-23 May 2019, Halls 7, 8, 9, 10, Stuttgart Messe, Germany