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Automotive Testing Technology InternationalAutomotive Testing Technology International
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Crash Test Technology InternationalCrash Test Technology International

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Updates from Exhibitors


Company Name: Accurate Technologies GmbH & Co KG (ATI)
Stand: 1344, Hall 1

Accurate Technologies GmbH & Co KG (ATI) will be showing its brand-new EMX data acquisition module at the Expo. With this high-end module, there is no need to compromise on data acquisition performance to get a small, environmentally sealed, robust package that can be mounted virtually anywhere on a vehicle. Key features include: High-end performance in a small robust package; 40KHz ADC sampling per channel; advanced anti-aliasing and DSP software filters to ensure reliable and accurate data; universal analog inputs ± 25mV to ±70 V; built-in sensor power supply outputs; and an open architecture interface/protocols. Visit stand 1344 and see for yourself what the EMX can do for you. In addition to data acquisition, ATI will highlight its full toolsuite for ECU calibration and rapid prototyping (No-Hooks OnTarget).


Company Name: AICON
Stand: 1114, Hall 1

AICON presents dummy positioning system
When performing a crash test, it is essential that the dummy is seated in the vehicle precisely according to the regulations the test is based on. At Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2011, AICON will present the new MoveInspect DPS optical system, a specialized dummy positioning system that also works as a coordinate measuring machine at the same time. This combination is unique. While conventional articulated arms often lack software dedicated to dummy positioning, the MoveInspect DPS software has been specially developed for this purpose. It controls the 3D position of the dummy relative to the vehicle during the positioning process. The current dummy position is recorded in real time, and is compared to nominal data. With all points on the dummy measured and displayed simultaneously in vehicle coordinates, the technician can quickly put the dummy into its target position. Movements of the vehicle that are caused by the positioning of the dummy are compensated for automatically. At the same time, MoveInspect DPS can be applied for any other coordinate measurement in a measuring volume of up to 5m. During the measurements, the operator can move freely around the object to be measured as there is no connection between sensor and probe.


Company Name: ACS Angelantoni Industrie
Stand: 1320, Hall 1

Battery test chambers
Since 1952 ACS Angelantoni Industrie has been creating environmental test chambers around the world for materials, components, and finished products. ACS’ range of products includes testing chambers for temperature, humidity, thermal shock, corrosion, vibration, sand and dust, solar light; stress screening systems; calorimeters; and systems for specific automotive applications such as airbag, air conditioning, fuel evaporation, and emission testing. Regarding the latest battery trends and research, ACS can today offer new versions of standard and customized chambers specifically designed to test the quality and reliability of batteries. The storage of electrical energy has always posed a technological challenge. Even though there have been significant developments over the past decade, the challenge is still on, with the goalposts being moved continuously by the new needs emerging in various application sectors, such as the necessity for increasingly compact, lightweight batteries for electronic devices and for storing in limited spaces the large quantity of energy required by electric traction. Tests on batteries can generate potentially dangerous situations, since they are carried out by simulating the limit conditions that may occur when there is a transfer of energy from the battery to the electric motor, or during the battery’s fast recharge phase. These situations, in fact, may generate strong overheating or the formation of dangerous atmospheres. To handle and solve these problems, ACS’ chambers are equipped with all the instruments necessary for monitoring potentially dangerous parameters and the following main devices, which are activated to eliminate any risk conditions: smoke sensors, dangerous gas (H2; O2; CO; CO2) sensors, stabilization systems, and flame extinguishing systems. In the electrically isolated test enclosure, and electrically isolated and perforated mounting shelf is also included. The specifically designed perforated shelf ensures both electrical isolation and consistent airflow around the test item. The new battery test chamber range from ACS incorporates CAN bus interfacing to the  battery ECU as a  standard  option, and the chamber software and control system is also designed to interface with Industry standard loading and unloading systems. Optional customer defined isolated power and signal connections for external electrical loading of customer test items within the chamber are also available.


Company Name: CMV Hoven GmbH
Stand: 1016, Hall 1

Industrial scan software launch
A new release of the Industrial Scan Software for Tekscan’s Pressure Distribution Measurement Systems will be available at the Expo. I-Scan version 6.10 now offers optimized processing, new sensitivity settings, and dialog and additional support for 64-Bit Windows Operating Systems, high-temperature sensors, JPEG picture output, and webcam video capture. A new sensor with an annular matrix was designed for investigations of coil springs for shock absorbers. Another new design, the TireScan Matrix sensor, offers 133,408 pressure-sensing elements to view tire footprints in high resolution. NARDA Safety Solutions offers a new EHP-50D selective spectrum analyzer in a frequency range of 5Hz up to 100KHz to be connected to a PC Note Book via optical cable and adapter to USB. It is also possible to combine it with an existing NBM-550 device. AEP offers a low-cost strain gage amplifier, which allows users to connect a force transducer in an easy way via a USB port to any PC. It comes with software to view and store the measured force values. The latest version of the FujiFilm FPD-8010E pressure distribution mapping system can be downloaded by users from


Company Name: Dynamotive
Stand: 1244, Hall 1

Facility control at Dynamotive
Dynamotive is a high performance engineering company specializing in the supply and life cycle support of automotive test equipment and complete test facilities. Offering both new equipment and upgrades to existing test equipment, Dynamotive offers its customers a cost-effective solution, utilising the latest in control and drive system technologies. On display at the Expo will be Dynamotive's next generation of facility control system used in climatic,aero acoustic and F1 wind tunnels. Dynamotive will also be displaying a range of new test facilities supplied for such applications as EMC, climatic, NVH and performance testing.


Company Name: ETAS GmbH
Stand: 1642, Hall 1

ETAS prepares for seven launches
ETAS GmbH will be demonstrating no fewer than seven new systems in Hall 1. First, a system for testing hybrid propulsion systems with LABCAR. This compact system can test inverter ECUs at the signal level, using precision simulation of electric motors with the ES5340 FPGA card and its associated simulation model, and efficient battery simulation at the cell level. The second announcement is new versions of LABCAR-RTPC, LABCAR-OPERATOR, and LABCAR-AUTOMATION. These upgrades offer high-speed environmental simulation on multi-core PCs with up to eight cores, a real-time PC with direct access to ECU parameters via ETK/XETK, and a dedicated ‘wizard’ for guided and clearly organized test configuration. Another innovation, for the modeling and optimization of complex systems, is the statistics-based Design of Experiments (DOE), and data-based model design. Multi-objective optimization and visualization of non-linear dependencies of complex systems is possible, as is optimization of fuel consumption and emissions in the driving cycle by means of accurate, data-based engine models. The efficient automation of INCA with CaliAV enables executable specification and documentation of standard tasks, and quality assurance through the use of identical calibration processes in the vehicle, on the test bench, and in both lab and simulation. With another technology, ECU diagnostics with INCA are possible, carrying out ECU calibration and diagnostics with the same tool, as well as diagnostics using the ETAS measurement and interface modules. Diagnostic signals and measured variables can be acquired from both ECU and vehicle environment, and an integrated OBD scan tester is also included. The new ES720 Drive Recorder enables automatic recording of measurement and diagnostic data with existing INCA hardware; easy reusability of previous INCA experiments; powerful measurement data acquisition; parallel recording of various measurement data groups; sequencing of various tasks; and complex triggering conditions for data acquisition control. Finally, the scalable Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCI) for offboard diagnostics provide a flexible platform for service diagnostics, with integration of customer-specific or proprietary diagnostic hardware and firmware, and LAN-based or wireless operation of diagnostic applications via a web browser.


Company Name: IDIADA

Stand: 1314, Hall 1

IDIADA to present EV concept
e-born3 is an innovative electric vehicle concept developed with functionality at the center of the process. With this project, Applus IDIADA demonstrates how a complete vehicle development project is managed following the principle of design led by functionality. Vehicle development projects are conducted from the beginning towards functional excellence. At an early stage of development the company’s designers work closely with its homologation, integrated safety, pedestrian protection and aerodynamics engineers to introduce their requirements into designs. Since the e-born3 runs on electric motors located inside the wheels, and there is no engine taking up space at the front, the designers had the freedom to explore new ways of packaging, enabling them to: maximize the available interior space in relation to the vehicle’s footprint and to fit all that interior space inside a stylish, aerodynamic body. The chosen interior layout, featuring a single front driver’s seat, with the passengers in the second and third rows in a face-to-face configuration, lends itself readily to the people-transporter role. The vehicle configuration is designed to meet two primary requirements. The first being the urban family transporter or taxi configuration, the second, with the four rear seats removed, is a typical urban distribution vehicle or craftsman’s van. In order to optimize the energy efficiency of the e-born3, the main volume shapes were analyzed in depth by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation. Additionally, CFD simulation was used to minimize noise sources produced by external vehicle projections. Essential for an electric vehicle, apart from the occupant protection, is the protection of the battery storage compartment. An integrated occupant protection system, good structural integrity, and also a very strong battery retaining system were taken into account. Pedestrian protection is an important consideration for an urban vehicle. The vehicle has an energy-absorbing front part to protect pedestrians in case of accidents. The e-born3 is designed to achieve the maximum rating in all consumer tests, such as NCAP assessments.

Company Name: In2Soft GmbH
Stand: 1555, Hall 1

Triple reveal for In2Soft
Global expert in automotive software In2Soft GmbH will be presenting three main solutions at the Expo: the OTX gfs (guided diagnostics by OTX), OTX apps (fleet diagnostics by OTX), and OTX vci (diagnostic validation by OTX).   Intecs software launches Two launches are in the pipeline for Intecs. The first, the DLT Analyzer plug-in, is a software tool designed to collect and analyze log and trace information from an Autosar-based ECU. The tool works in the Eclipse environment in order to simplify the integration with other ECU software development suites. The second launch, the FIBEX Editor plug-in, is a software tool designed to generate a FIBEX XML document in a user-friendly way. The tool works in the Eclipse environment in order to simplify integration with other ECU software development suites.


Company Name: Mueller -BBM VibroAkustik Systeme
Stand: 1032, Hall 1

PAK server/client concept
Mueller -BBM VibroAkustik Systeme will present the new PAK Server/Client concept for easy management of complex measurement and analysis processes, along with other innovations in dynamic data acquisition, analysis and management. Make your life easier with the PAK Server/Client concept when acquiring signals from distributed frontends – with high channel counts and extremely high sampling rates – along the test candidate in conjunction with digital bus data and environmental parameters. PAK users are equipped with knowledge on their test candidates’ behavior from a constant data stream through the PAK Server. Have your requested data on demand: a parallel data transfer to the different PAK Clients ensures the simultaneous processing of several measurement tasks within one measurement setup.


Company Name: Panasonic
Stand: 1970, Hall 1

Panasonic reveals latest Toughbook
The new rugged Toughbook diagnostic tablet PC from Panasonic has been designed with support from global car manufacturers for conducting the latest diagnostics on engines, automobiles, trucks and machines in either the workshop or field environment. The 13.3in widescreen HD LED display allows technicians to easily run real-time diagnostic programs, read telematic data, and view schematics and designs. The screen has been specifically built for clarity both inside the workshop and for use outside in bright sunlight when cars are undergoing pre-diagnostics tests. The resistive touchscreen allows for easy data input using fingers, gloved hands or pens. The device comes along with the latest second-generation Intel Core i5 Platform for high-performance, and is built to stand up to harsh conditions: it withstands knocks, falls, liquids, dust and extreme temperatures. Thanks to configurable ports the device can offer a serial interface, a second LAN port or rugged USB connector (as an optional extra). Appropriate for diagnostics in sectors such as automobile, truck, industrial and mining machinery, agricultural machinery, material handling and car rescue clubs, the Toughbook tablet will be available in two model versions of advanced and standard and will be on sale from December 2011.


Company Name: Parasoft
Stand: 1628, Hall 1

Application Lifecycle Management solution
Regulations which embedded software factories must obey (MISRA, MISRA 2004, MISRAC++ 2008, DO-178B, IEC61508, ISO26262, JSF, IEC 62304 or FDA) impose a fully traceable and repeatable development process. Parasoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution, which is distributed as a ready-to-run Virtual Machine, simplifies environment setup and reduces the time needed for adopting routines which are necessary to meet the requirements of the standards. Parasoft’s ALM consists of Concerto, an up-and-running reporting and managing tool which is connected to software testing tools, such as Parasoft C++test (C and C++) or Parasoft dotTEST (.NET), as well as a bug tracking system, requirements management system, and source control system. Each element can be used in the production or can be reconnected to any existing system, providing great flexibility when plugged into an existing infrastructure of any company. Parasoft Concerto offers traceability of requirements, problem reports or enhancement requests to developers' tasks, source code and tests, providing an effortless approach for building a robust, reliable and traceable development process. Parasoft’s solution integrates into Eclipse and Visual Studio, yielding a natural and intuitive environment for developers. Parasoft C++test and dotTEST support a comprehensive set of embedded technologies, ranging from ARM RVDS, Keil MDK, Wind River Workbench and TI Code Composer, to the MS.NET Compact Framework. These tools combine the most comprehensive number of error detection techniques available on the market today. Coding Standards make it possible to incorporate the knowledge of industry experts in search for known bugs in the application, as well as allowing the user to verify compliance against various industry coding guidelines, such as MISRA, JSF, HIS, etc. The Static Flow Analyzer can examine the paths of the application flow, thus revealing potential issues not found in other ways. Run-time techniques, which include unit testing, functional testing and runtime error detection, provide a means for finding errors in the actual run of the application on the target device. Unit testing and functional testing support the stubs mechanism, which allows users to test software against various scenarios without need of actual interaction with the hardware. Code Coverage metrics provide detailed insight into tested and untested parts of code and allows users to address standards requirements.


Company Name: Pickering Interfaces
Stand: 1969, Hall 1

Switching and conditioning
Pickering Interfaces is a market innovator in signal switching and conditioning for a broad range of test and measurement applications and architectures, with the largest range of switching modules in the industry for PXI, LXI, PCI, GPIB and VXI applications. New releases at the Expo will include PXI Battery Simulators, PXI 40A Solid State Fault Insertion, and the BIRST (Built-In Relay Self Test) for PXI and LXI.   The company operates globally with direct operations in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, France, Czech Republic and China, and additional representation in countries throughout the world.


Company Name: Plug-In Electronic
Stand: 1904, Hall 1

Vehicle PCs
Plug-In Electronic is presenting its new extended range of vehicle PCs for a wide range of applications in the area of automotive, test, simulation (HIL), telematics, logistics and more. The company’s ruggedized fanless car PCs are based on the newest Intel processor technology like the new Intel Atom Dual-Core processors or Intel Core 2 Duo processors with Intel GS45 chipset. The compact box PCs offer numerous extension possibilities via mini-PC slots to support all popular standards for mobile communication and navigation (GPS, GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth). Some models provide additional extension options like CAN bus, PCI-104, or a SUMIT interface. The box PC comes with an input for the ignition detection to control the power-up and shut-down behavior of the PC, which can be configured in the BIOS. A SMBus output gives users the possibility to control an optional backup battery unit. The PICE-PC can be ordered with a 2,5in SATA hard disk, and can be mounted with rubber pads or fitted with an internal CompactFlash drive. The device withstands shock impact up to 20G and vibration up to 2G in operation, and meets numerous certifications like the European type approval for vehicle integration, EN50155, FCC Class B, CE and can be combined with an optional IP65 kit. Multiple display outputs make the PICE car PC series ideal for in-vehicle digital signage applications such as real-time information and advertising in public transportation, and with touchscreen is also suitable for ticket vending machines. The versatile rugged tablet PCs are ideal for mobile applications like fleet management, warehouse management and outside use. Under the motto ‘everything from a single source’, Plug-In Electronic can offer well-proven high-end measurement technology from Measurement Computing and IOtech exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ethernet-based measurement systems give new possibilities for building extensive systems with integrated signal conditioning and ‘Out-of-the-Box’ software support. It is favorable for applications with a great number of input channels, such as test stand automation or high-speed data acquisition for crash test analysis.


Company Name: RA Consulting
Stand: 1766, Hall 1

Harmonized OBD functionality
RA Consulting is announcing the implementation of World-Wide Harmonized OBD functionality into its Silver Scan-Tool. All required services, defined in the ISO 27145 standard, are implemented. Data presentation is based on the experience gained during the implementation of the SAE J1939 for heavy-duty OBD. Results are clearly sorted into functional groups such as current data, fault codes, IUMPR, readiness, etc. Silver Scan-Tool is now an HD-OBD and WWH-OBD (as well as an OBDII and EOBD) compliant tool. In addition to the normal requests and displayed results of OBD services, it also provides support for development and validation, giving direct support to the SAE J1699-3 OBD Compliance Test Cases Utility. The very latest news is the addition of a SAE J1939-84 OBD Communications Compliance Test Cases Tool for heavy-duty components and vehicles. A further innovation is DaaS - Diagnostics as a Service - which can be seen at RA Consulting’s stand at the Expo. With an on-board-unit in the car and a straightforward connection to the OBD connector, DaaS users can diagnose their vehicle. Diagnostic data and resultant information can be viewed using a web browser, enabling the user to see the status of a car, or fleet of cars, at any time and from any location. A regular, cost-efficient and comprehensive look at the diagnostics status is assured. Because of RA Consulting’s extensive experience in vehicle diagnostics and where permitted by the relevant OEM, OEM-specific diagnostic data could be made available in addition to the standard OBD data. Examples of resultant information might be consumption analysis, driver profiles, as well as customer driven, specific analysis that RA Consulting could develop on behalf of a user.


Company Name: VSE Volumentechnik GmbH
Stand: 1500, Hall 1

Innovative Helical Screw Flow Meter
The measurement of volume flow based on the screw pump principle of the patent pending series RS from VSE Volumentechnik GmbH offers benefits such as a high degree of precision that is mostly independent of viscosity, pulsation-free measurement, lowest pressure losses, short response time due to innovative rotor profile and reduced masses, gentle fluid measurements, and the highest functionality due to intelligent sensor technology. The core objective of the new development was initially to create completely new rotor profiles, which had been adapted to the requirements for running an integrated motor using the latest design methods. These profiles ensure a low-resistance, high-precision measurement with optimally distributed masses that are also reduced by up to 45%. This results in a much better response characteristic – a big advantage over previously available devices. VSE also backs new developments in the area of signal formation. Based on the patented VSI high-definition sensor system, a sensor module was developed that enhances the functionality of the RS flow meter. The sensor itself features two GMR bridges (sin / cos) and is housed in a removable stainless steel cartridge case, together with a signal conditioning and amplifier unit. It can be replaced when necessary without costly adjustment and configuration work. The sensor is adjusted automatically when being replaced. The downstream electronics unit features a high-resolution sin / cos-interpolator, which can increase the resolution in increments up to a factor of 128 while maintaining exactly the same pulse lengths. The unit also has a variety of additional functions that significantly help users with the further processing of RS sensor signals. Among others, it features a programmable signal filter, which is able to offset unwanted, negative pulse sequences and detect and save values that exceed the indicated flow and temperature values. A separate directional signal is available for single-channel evaluations. Functionality can be further increased with other programmable options. Various sizes for flow ranges of 0.1 to 1,000 l/min are available; the devices are designed for pressures up to 450 bar and suitable for temperatures of up to 120°C.


Company Name: Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH
Stand: 1230, Hall 1

Robot operation in all climatic zones Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH is presenting a world premiere: the first climate test chamber as a complete system with integrated measuring robotic. The WK BM 1000 was developed in cooperation with Battenberg ROBOTIC GmbH & Co. KG. This climate test chamber can be used for function-dependent component tests under extreme climatic conditions and with rapid temperature changes in testing and production. The combination of temperature, function and haptics is particularly exciting for the automotive industry, medical equipment, electric and electronic products, IT and domestic appliances.

The robot delivers measuring values for the specimen and automatically operates their functional elements. The integrated measuring platform allows the fast set-up of single components through to complete cockpits and central consoles. The whole measuring system can be customized to match the task at hand. The climate chamber has a temperature range of -40 to +85°C at relative air humidity values from 5 to 95 % humidity. Temperature can be changed at a rate of up to 5.0 K/min. The actual test chamber has a volume of about 1000 l, with outer dimensions of 2300 x 1600 x 2500mm for the whole unit.


Company Name: GÖPEL electronic
Stand: 1118, Hall 1

Automotive testers
GÖPEL electronic will exhibit highlights from its business unit Automotive Test Solutions at Automotive Testing Expo Europe. One highlight is the introduction of the brand new PXI module 6161, supporting the MOST150 standard. Further advances are Sound Checker, a sound and mechanical vibration analysis system for mechatronic components as well as a Flex Ray application by means of basic FlexScope 3095 and Net2Run, the recently introduced software suite for restbus and gateway simulation. Additionally, the combination of LVDS modules for testing infotainment control units with the powerful TOM Line series optical inspection systems, displayed in a typical application, sets new standards in terms of detection safety, flexibility and efficiency. Naturally, the wide range of PXI, PCI, USB and Ethernet modules for bus communication via CAN, LIN, FlexRay or K-Line will be exhibited.
Furthermore, the example of magicCAR³, a compact automotive tester, displays solutions for functionally testing ECUS. magicCAR³ is an economically appropriate modular tester concept that provides a user configurable number of parallel I/O resources and communication interfaces.


Company Name: MTS
Stand: 1130, Hall 1

Flat-Trac technology
MTS is introducing the Flat-Trac CT Plus Tire Test System to help tire manufacturers meet demands for more energy-efficient designs that are optimized for advanced stability control systems. The new Flat-Trac CT Plus features an electric spindle torque drive and numerous enhancements to the proven Flat-Trac CT platform to deliver improved dynamic tire characterization and open new possibilities in simulation and modeling. The machine is engineered to deliver highly accurate and repeatable measurements of tire force and moment properties under steady-state and dynamic conditions, as well as to perform simulation testing, effective rolling radius measurements, and residual pull measurements. The system's electric drive provides increased torque capacity and improved spindle torque response, while minimizing setup times and maintenance costs. Robust, multi-axis load and torque cells ensure accurate and repeatable force and moment measurement; and inertial compensation, compliance compensation and custom control features minimize measurement and control errors. Other key enhancements include increased Fx and Fy capacity, better Flat-Trac roadway control, an enhanced water bearing, and protection for wet traction testing.








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