Automotive Testing Expo India 2018

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10, 11, 12 January 2018
CTC Complex, Chennai, India

Exhibitor List

AB Dynamics

Stand: 2051

ABS Instruments Pvt Ltd

Stand: 2043

Adams Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 3063

Adams Technologies Pvt Limited

Stand: 3063

ADT-India Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 2038

AGARAM Industries

Stand: 2000

Aimil Ltd

Stand: 2105

Aimil Ltd

Stand: 3132

Akrivia Automation

Stand: 2002

Amrita Automotive Research & Technology Centre (AARTC)

Stand: 2051

Angelantoni Test Technologies India Pvt Ltd (ATT India)

Stand: 2093

Anritsu India Pvt ltd

Stand: 5001

Ascott Analytical Equipment Limited

Stand: 3076

ATI Accurate Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Stand: 4072

Autoliv India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 1012

Automotive Research Association of India

Stand: 3002 and 1027

Automotive Robotics India Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 3073

Automotive Test Systems

Stand: 2051

Automotive Test Systems

Stand: 2054

Automotive Testing Expo India 2018

Stand: 2018

Automotive Testing Technology International

Stand: 2018

AutoParts Asia

Stand: 4060

BEDA Flow Systems Pvt. Ltd

Stand: 5014

BEP India Automotive Systems

Stand: 2051

BF-Engineering GmbH

Stand: 1002

BISS Research

Stand: 2039

Bruel & Kjaer

Stand: 2085

CEJN Products India Private Limited

Stand: 3018

CFM Schiller GmbH

Stand: 3084

Chemtron Science Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 4115

China United Industrial Co. Limited

Stand: 2021

CM Envirosystems Pvt Ltd

Stand: 2042

Danlaw Inc

Stand: 4102

Dewesoft GmbH

Stand: 3039

DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd

Stand: 3051

Dongling Technologies

Stand: 3090

Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH

Stand: 4114

DVA Engineering + Testing Pvt Ltd

Stand: 1003

DynaFusion Technologies PVT Ltd

Stand: 2108

Dynaspede Integrated Systems Pvt Ltd

Stand: 1021

Eckel Industries Inc.

Stand: 3063

Embedded Software Development Systems Private Limited

Stand: 5004

Envisys Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Stand: 4078

Espec Corp. Japan / Samsact Pvt. Ltd., India

Stand: 1057

ETA Technology PVT Ltd

Stand: 3072

ETAS Automotive India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 3144

Gantner Instruments India Ltd

Stand: 3061

gfai tech GmbH

Stand: 1048

GLIWA GmbH Embedded Systems

Stand: 3081

Global Automotive Research Centre (GARC)

Stand: 3120

GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Stand: 4045

GPO Engineering

Stand: 2051

HBM India - A division of Spectris Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 2058

Head Acoustics GmbH

Stand: 2051

High Speed Vision

Stand: 2051

Horiba India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 4090

IDIADA Automotive Technology SA

Stand: 2060

IMC Messsysteme GmbH

Stand: 2054

IMV Corporation

Stand: 2066


Stand: 3100

Influx Technology Ltd.

Stand: 3075

Ingun India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 2027


Stand: 2030

Intrepid Control Systems Inc

Stand: 2062

Ipetronik GmbH & Co KG

Stand: 2096

IPG Automotive GmbH

Stand: 2051

Jagdeep Foundry

Stand: 2024

JASH Precision Tools Limited

Stand: 3021

Jiuding Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Equipment Co. Ltd.

Stand: 2051

Josts Engineering Company Limited

Stand: 2085

JULABO Temperature Control Systems India

Stand: 2111

Kapolnek GmbH

Stand: 4069

Keysight Technologies India Pvt Limited

Stand: 3093

Kistler Automotive GmbH

Stand: 2054

Kistler Instruments India (Pvt) Ltd

Stand: 4084

KMT - Kraus Messtechnik & Telemetrie

Stand: 3087

Kübrich Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co KG

Stand: 2020

Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co Ltd

Stand: 3099

LDRA Technology Pvt Ltd

Stand: 2078

Link Engineering Co.,

Stand: 3063

Mari Aerotech Private Limited

Stand: 1048

MDS Pacific India PVT Ltd.,

Stand: 3081

MEL Systems and Services Ltd

Stand: 3041

Michigan Scientific Corp

Stand: 2081

Micro Epsilon India Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 2047

Microsys Technologies Inc (Part of ALTRAN Group)

Stand: 2051

Moshon Data

Stand: 2051

MTS Systems Corp

Stand: 3096


Stand: 5000

National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX)

Stand: 3071

National Instruments

Stand: 3078

NGE Automotive

Stand: 4051

Ono Sokki India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 5012


Stand: 3132

Oxford Technical Solutions

Stand: 2051

Panatech Asia

Stand: 3102

Peiseler GmbH

Stand: 2051

Pickering Interfaces

Stand: 2003

Polytec GmbH

Stand: 3114

Pro2 Automotive Engineering Limited

Stand: 4066

Procyon TechSolutions Pvt Ltd

Stand: 3050

Race Technology Ltd

Stand: 2051

Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 1024

RTE Transweigh India Private Limited

Stand: 3006


Stand: 2043


Stand: 5020

SAJ Test Plant Private Ltd

Stand: 4063

SAM Technologies

Stand: 3060

Saraswati Dynamics

Stand: 4087

Sarla Technologies

Stand: 3048

Sastra Robotics

Stand: 4050

Scientific Research Instruments Company

Stand: 2111

Servocontrols & Hydraulics (I) Pvt Ltd

Stand: 1036


Stand: 2054

Shanghai Satake Cool-heat & Control Technique Co Ltd

Stand: 3004

Shanghai Strong Measurement & Control Tech. Co. Ltd.

Stand: 3126

Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt Ltd

Stand: 1030

SIBO Electronic Vertriebs GmbH

Stand: 4023

Siemens Industry Software NV

Stand: 4021

SKC Environ Lab Pvt Ltd

Stand: 3054

SM Instruments Inc

Stand: 4116

Spectral Dynamics

Stand: 3036

Spirent Communications

Stand: 3135

Stähle GmbH

Stand: 2051


Stand: 4104

Structural Solutions Private Limited

Stand: 2067

Sushma Industries

Stand: 1051


Stand: 4043


Stand: 5022

Tempco Temperature Measurement Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 5015

Tesscorn Systems India Pvt Ltd

Stand: 3066

Tii Techno Testing Services Pvt Ltd

Stand: 5011

TMI Innovative Technologies

Stand: 5022

TS Group GmbH

Stand: 4080

Vector Informatik India Prv. Ltd

Stand: 2057

Verder Scientific Private Limited

Stand: 1039

Vibration Research Corp

Stand: 2077

Vigven Tech Mark Pvt Ltd

Stand: 2003

Vision Research

Stand: 1033

Walter+Bai AG Testing Machines

Stand: 2043

WEH GmbH Precision Connectors

Stand: 3042

Weiss Technik India Private Limited

Stand: 3108

Welan Technologies

Stand: 3030

Wise Vehicle Testing Solutions

Stand: 4114

Xitadel CAE Technologies

Stand: 4105

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH

Stand: 5022
Future Show: Automotive Testing Expo India 2020, 21-23 January 2020, Hall 2 & 3, Chennai Trade Centre, India (provisional)