Technology Demonstration Area

Day One Presentations


Research on energy Flow test of Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Steven Duan
Service Manager
Dewetron Test and Measurement Equipment (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Improving the NEDC is an important direction of EV research. By analyzing the transmission behavior and efficiency of energy in the whole powertrain, data basis can be provided for the matching and optimization of the entire electric vehicle drive system. DEWETRON innovative generation of power analyzer, leading testing technology, making test measurement more professional and comprehensive. Complex testing is done easily, that’s DEWETRON’S measurable difference.


HEAD PreSense – New Generation NVH Simulator

Xiaonan Zhang
Consulting NVH Engineer
HEAD acoustics China
Over the last 25 years, the NVH simulator of HEAD acoustics widely is recognized by users worldwide for its excellent performance. It is the core tool for Full-Vehicle NVH development, especially sound quality development, which plays a core role in the whole vehicle development cycle (Benchmarking and Target setting, performance verification and optimization, etc.). The next generation of NVH simulator will adopt more advanced order synthesis algorithm, extending support for EV and HEV development.


Cloud Massive Simulation speeds ICV R&D than never before

Yue Li
Technical director
IAE Suzhou Technologies Co., Ltd.
To accelerate the safe landing of autonomous driving, massive simulation is the key point. Yet, massive simulation needs higher computing resources and information service capacity. Cloud computing is becoming the inevitable choice for the development of massive simulation. From real time to super real time, cloud computing enables massive simulation and helps our customers in the entire industry to seize the “New track” of autonomous driving.


Technology Demonstration Presentation Of Climats Test Chamber

Sales manager
*Company Introduction *Products Range *Control System (spirale vision) *Advantages *Automotive Applications & Special Projects Presentation


Reduce ADAS Test Drive Miles with the KT ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench

Nicolai Konrad
Managing Director
Konrad GmbH
As automotive OEMs align with governmental standards to verify vehicle safety before large scale deployments, a billion miles of test drive is gaining ground as an acceptable test method for ADAS features. But this approach faces its own challenges in terms of high costs and test times, reliable test scenarios and inability to test critical edge cases. In this session, we will introduce the KT ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench as a complete test solution for verifying ADAS functionality in a controlled lab environment and effectively reduce test drive miles.


Torque & Thermal - The core of VEM Engineering

Chong Geng
General manager
Beijing M-Stars Technology
High level of VEM requires high level accuracy of test and analysis. Limited space and poor accessibility made standard sensor impossible for this mission. Advanced customized technology, combined with expert application knowledge and engineering service, is available and is leaving the standard sensor and even traditional telemetry solutions far behind with regard to reliability, reproducibility, accuracy, flexibility and ease of use. Integrated System Ltd. And M-stars take this solution to all customer and application for this mission.


A New Method for Generating Sine-on-Random Tests Using Real-World Data

Leo Zhang
Country manager - China
Vibration Research China - PRC
In the real world, engine-mounted components are exposed to a unique vibration environment. A Sine-on-Random test should be created to effectively reproduce this environment on a shaker; however, generating a repeatable accelerated test reflective of these engine environments can be difficult and time-consuming. In this presentation, we evaluate different test generation techniques and compare failure modes generated by shaker tests. Additionally, we validate a new method of analysis, acceleration, and generation. The result is a Sine-on-Random test designed using field data to replicate an engine environment on an electrodynamic shaker.


Accelerometers – Applications and Challenges in the Automotive Industry

Dr Chang Shu
KTP research associate
DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd
Accelerometer sensors are widely used in vibration testing at various humidity and/or temperature-controlled environments, for example in vibration shaker testing, modal analysis, NVH at room temperature, and powertrain performance up to 1000°C. This presentation will review the selection tips of accelerometers in different applications and demonstrate why accelerometer designs (e.g. DJB’s unique KONIC Shear®) are important to testing quality. The future developments of piezoelectric accelerometers to meet extreme temperature testing environments will also be reviewed and the associated challenges discussed.


A Case Study of Hybrid Powertrain Fault Diagnostics

Liyong ZENG
Senior Sales Manager
Sonus Technologies
Hong Kong
Hybrid powertrains are especially complicated structures, given two propulsion systems which, at times, work independently, and other times, drive each other to propel the transmission. In order to develop durable and reliable powertrains with better NVH performance, durability tests using advanced NVH algorithm and diagnostics are essential. Using case studies, we will walk through some of the challenges some manufacturers face, about the way to utilize the analytics for insights into the workings and structures of the test objects, and the measures that could be taken to tackle the complications in the R&D of hybrid powertrains. We will also talk about how, in the midst of the pandemic, some progressive manufacturers have been building up their capacity to improve the sustainability of their operations.


Introduction to NVH in Electric Motors and case study

Li Yong
EPT sales development manager
Electrification has changed how we experience a vehicle’s noise and how the vibration effects the durability of parts. Electric motors are fundamentally quieter and have higher rotational speeds than their engine counterparts, which has created a need to look at these engineering problems differently. Many industries, including automotive and aerospace, have started merging their NVH and powertrain departments to include the user’s experience into their designs. Testing for noise and vibration and electrical quantities at the same time will provide an extended insight into how the electric machines and inverters are causing noise and vibration and how to amplify or mitigate it. This topic will discuss the following:  What causes noise and vibration in electric machines  How electrical and mechanical signals are correlated  How simultaneous testing of electrical and NVH signals can speed up testing  Mapping NVH against motor controls


Best practices for virtual vehicle development for Autonomous Driving

Xiao Huang
Managing director
IPG Automotive (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
1. Map generation - Build - Import 2. Scenario generation - Build - ScenarioRRR - Import - GIDAS import - NCAP & C-NCAP 3. Sensor model interfaces - OSI - RSI - ROS sensor publisher 4. Decision-Making and Motion Control - Vehicle dynamics

Day Two Presentations


The challenge of high voltage and power in automotive electronics

vincent chen
1、Development trend of automobile industry 2、Overview of new energy vehicle testing 3、Analysis of OBC test scheme 4、Automobile junction box test system 5、Automobile electronic low voltage test system 6、Classic case sharing


Advanced Fuel Cell Solution for NEV Development

Huan Hao
Senior Sales Manager
HORIBA FuelCon is the world's leading supplier of battery and fuel cell testing, providing customers with test equipment and solutions for applications such as battery and fuel cell development and end-of-line test. With strong engineering capabilities and professional engineering knowledge, HORIBA Fuelcon not only provides overall testing solutions, but also helps customers meet the challenges of laboratory construction. HORIBA will actively innovate in the transformative opportunities of new energy and electrification of automotive industry, helping to transform and upgrade the automotive industry in China and the world to build a cleaner and more efficient world.


MOOG Customer Modeling and simulation support service: From proposal phase to field optimization, 30 years of continuous development.

Jiang Helian
Senior application engineer
Simulation and analysis support has been a key customer service over many years. The Moog Analysis and Simulation Toolbox allows the integration E/H or E/M servo system models along with the customer machine mechanics. This allows for a rapid turnaround where problems are eliminated and good designs optimized and demonstrated well in advance of system build. Typical applications include automotive, rail and aero test machines and vehicles, industrial production machinery, autonomous vehicles and manipulators (e.g. for nuclear decommissioning) and much more besides. This presentation shows examples of where the Moog tools have been used; all the way from proposal evaluation through to interactive field optimization.


Fuel cell introduction & How to test the fuel cell

Jay Lin
Marketing specialist & sales in Chroma ATE(Suzhou)
Fuel cell and hydrogen energy introduction ,providing the test solution for MEA ,fuel Stack & fuel cell engine.


Using Hybrid Simulation to Accelerate Active and Semi-active System Development

Michael Ma
Senior application engineer
MTS Systems (China) Co., Ltd.
The widespread deployment of active and semi-active systems, accelerated by the onset of ADAS and autonomous vehicles, imposes myriad, complex technical challenges for developers using conventional test and proving ground approaches. Mechanical Hardware-in-the-Loop (mHIL), a hybrid simulation approach proven effective by MTS, integrates vehicle models and physical systems under test to enable meaningful system-level evaluation well in advance of vehicle prototypes and proving ground validation. This presentation explores the latest evolution of mHIL technology: a highly refined, purpose-built solution for active and semi-active damper development and evaluation, available in single, dual and four-corner turnkey configurations with electric or hydraulic actuation.


An integrated and accelerated durability analysis for automotive structural durability

Pengfei Li
Vice general manager
Shanghai SWINS Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
An integrated durability procedure usually includes road load data acquisition, multi-body simulation, finite element analysis, fatigue analysis, rig test, and proving ground test. To implement the integrated durability procedure, an overall mind of simulation and testing should be always taken into concern from the very beginning to the end: Why we collect these data? How can we make the analysis time shorter? What should we do to correlate the simulation and test? This presentation shows the method to accelerate the procedure and give the examples to make a good correlation between simulation and test from practical side.


Application of liquid cooling test in new energy vehicles

Shangrui Song
Technical Director
Beijing Ling Gong Technology Co.,Ltd.
With the development of new energy electric vehicles, more and more attention has been paid to the test of three electric components of new energy vehicles. Among them, thermal related test is always the key to solve the thermal related problems and ensure the performance, safety, life and cost of new energy vehicles. Through simulating the whole vehicle cooling technology, Lin Gong high & low temperature liquid cooling test system innovatively puts forward the flow rate, flow resistance, pressure pulse, cold and hot shock test scheme based on the traditional cold & hot test of battery, motor and electronic control.


Test Evolution to 2025 - ADAS to Autonomous

Deng Pan
Senior BDM for greater China
The ADAS and autonomous driving technology used in cars is accelerating faster than ever before. This has made it hard for the testing methods of the past to keep pace with the technology of future vehicles. Key challenges from ADAS to L3&higher is how to validate Sensing or Perception algorithom, as well as sensor fusion. In this session we’ll learn how NI platform build a turely high fidelity approach from SIL-HIL-Road test to cloud based simulation. to increase test coverage, save cost & effort and dramatically accelerate time to market


Torque Ripple and Cogging Torque in Electric Motors

Li Yong
EPT sales development manager
This presentation will be a brief introduction to the effects and analysis of torque ripple in electric machines. It will cover the measurement of torque ripple, torque ripple examples, and frequency analysis of torque ripple   Sources of torque ripple  Importance of high accuracy and high bandwidth torque measurement  Correlation of electric and mechanical signals  Frequency analysis of torque signals


ATPA, a powerful NVH optimization method for transfer path analysis in vehicles

Zhengyun Chen
Application engineer
Vehicles, with the new NVH challenges brought for example by electric powertrains, need to be continuously optimized. Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) is a key and widely used test based method to improve the NVH of vehicles. Along the years, various techniques have been developed with their advantages and limitations. In that context, OROS proposes the ATPA method that combines, in a unique way, an efficient experimental acquisition of the data with a powerful set of results. This presentation will focus on the main characteristics and differentiations brought by this method based on practical examples, from tests to analysis.


New imc new MHz DAQ system and KMT telemetry solution in EV test

Rene Buenger
Senior international sales Manager
imc Test & Measurement GmbH
imc T&M new fast DAQ system - imc EOS, can operate in the MHz range. Up to 4 MHz sample rate, dynamic processes can be precisely and be suitable to the areas from e-mobility experiments , analysis of switching processes on control units or airbag and crash tests, to structure-borne sound and vibration measurements. Furthermore, The telemetry measurement technology can overcome the limitations of classically wired sensors in measuring the force and torque of rotating parts or on mobile test objects. A particularly modular and flexible concept can be realized by combining imc CRONOSflex measurement system with KMT MTP-NT telemetry.


Application of power analyzer and current sensor of HIOKI in the field of new energy vehicles

Yurun Guo
Sales Engineer
With the increasing degree of automobile electrification, the voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters of new energy vehicles have higher requirements than before. In order to solve these problems, we will introduce the application of power analyzer and matching current sensor of HIOKI in new energy vehicles, such as the solution of time delay between current and voltage.INCA software and HIOKI power analyzer can be linked for calibration.

Day Three Presentations


Insight And Overcoming The Testing Challenges In V2X Era

Yan Lu
Application Egineering Manager
Keysight Technologies Shanghai.Ltd
With the acceleration of the three major technological trends of "electricity, intelligence, and connectivity" in automobiles, cutting-edge technologies represented by C-V2X (cellular vehicle networking) have become a hot spot and focus of the industry.By this presentation, Keysight will introduce what challenges will be encountered in V2X era and how can Keysight help to overcome it.


Application of high speed imaging system in vehicle testing

Lili Jing
Product Manager
China Daheng Group, Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch
The automotive field is changing day by day. New automotive safety requirements and highway emission standards continue to update. Advanced high-speed imaging systems are widely used in automotive testing, such as automotive safety performance testing, airbag testing, automotive crash testing, automotive combustion event testing, etc. , This report analyzes how to choose a suitable high-speed imaging system based on actual cases.


Multiple camera, high resolution video recording with GPS synchronisation for vehicle testing

Dr Martin Hill
Co- founder
Race Technology Ltd
The ability to accurately synchronise video footage with high accuracy vehicle testing data is invaluable for the vehicle development process. By extracting the GPS data from the video files in the latest GoPro cameras, the Analysis software from Race Technology accurately synchronises the video footage from up to 5 cameras with high accuracy logged data. This enables up to 5 video feeds to be viewed alongside the data with no physical connection required between the cameras and data logger, with frame rates up to 240fps and up to 4k resolution.


The High Speed Impact System can provide accurate pressure imaging

Terry Wason
Senior business development manager
XSENSOR Technology Corporation
XSENSOR has commercialised a game changing High Speed pressure imaging technology that allows accurate pressure imaging for applications such as rear impact whiplash, front impact seatbelt, vibration transmissibility, airbag deployment, and drive-over tire contact patch analysis. Most current technologies give discrete load numbers on various points in a dummy/surface in an impact scenario but nothing is available on what happens between these points. XSENSOR’s high speed dynamic pressure imaging gives a detailed image, pressure data and pressure gradient over the entire surface. We will discuss the technology and showcase examples of dynamic pressure imaging applications used by CATARC at Tianjin.


Case sharing: Digital Twin-based Driving Scenario Generation for Simulation

Dr Xueming Ju
LiangDao Intelligence
LiangDao propose an effective method and tool chain to realize automatic generation of digital twin based on real driving data. A LiDAR-based data acquisition platform is used for data collection and an automatic labelling tool is developed to extract the environment model including dynamic objects and static road information, such as lane markings. Furthermore, automatic conversion of extracted environment model into standard OpenX interfaces is achieved by using LiangDao’s tool as well. LiangDao will debut its European scenario dataset at the Testing Expo Shanghai this year.



Using Robots to Improve Haptics of Interior and Exterior

Zengxing Li
General Manager
Shanghai Baobin Robot Automation Technology CO., LTD.
Compared to the fields of acoustics or optics, the term of haptik encompasses all perceptions, which are directly related to touches, experiences and movements. In the context of vehicle development, force and torque are distinguished surface and operating haptics. The surface concept refers to the confrontation with surfaces and their materials. During operation, the feedback describes a mechanism for human perception. The purpose of this presentation is to define the desired haptic characteristics, which contribute to improving the quality of the products.
Please note: this conference program may be subject to change.





Show date: Automotive Testing Expo China 2020, September 14, 15, 16, 2020, Hall 1, SWEECC, Shanghai, China