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Radar and ethernet test technology

The company’s E8740A automotive radar-signal analyzer can generate radar signals in the entire frequency range of 24GHz, 77GHz, and 79GHz.

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NVH testing using six-degree-of-freedom systems
NVT Team Corporation

Team Corporation’s Cube and Mantis hydraulic multi-axis test systems can accurately replicate and measure vibration levels and other characteristics at exceptionally low noise levels – enabling NVH testing at <40dB, for example – setting a standard for NVH laboratory testing.

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Modular connectors systems

On display at Stäubli’s booth will be the company’s CombiTac modular connectors that enable users to combine various contact types such as power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, fluid and pneumatic connections in a single adjustable frame or housing.

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Multichannel vibration analyzer
Metra Mess

German engineering firm Metra will introduce a powerful yet compact vibration analyzer, the VM100.

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Liquid dynamic temperature-control systems
Wuxi Oswald Sci-Tech Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Oswald Sci-Tech Co. Ltd. have just launched the latest incarnation of its TC-D series liquid-dynamic temperature-control system.

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Ruggedized high-definition camera
AOS Technologies

Swiss manufacturer AOS Technologies have developed the L-VIT 2500 – a camera with a highly light-sensitive CMOS sensor that can handle full HD recording (1920 x 1080 pixels) at rates of up to 2,500 frames per second.

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Future show: Automotive Testing Expo China 2021, September 1, 2, 3, 2021, Hall 1, SWEECC, Shanghai, China
Future show: Automotive Testing Expo China 2022, September 5, 6, 7, 2022, Hall 1, SWEECC, Shanghai, China (provisional)