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High definition, high speed camera
AOS Technologies

The L-VIT 2500 is equipped with a highly light-sensitive CMOS sensor with 1,920 x 1,080 pixel and recording rates of up to 2,500 frames per second with full resolution.

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Dynamic temperature control units

As the main supplier of dynamic temperature control units for electrical component tests of battery modules, packs, on-board chargers and electric motors, LAUDA China continuously develops products such as Integral T and XTs together with special customer-requested heat transfer fluid flow control units.

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Powerful and rugged data acquisition system

Powerful enough for the lab and rugged enough for the field, the Hi-Techniques Echelon series of data acquisition systems from ATiS is designed to withstand extreme conditions in harsh and mobile environments.

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Modular connectors

The ODU-MAC RAPID from ODU (Shanghai) International Trading Company is characterized by extremely easy assembly and servicing. The novel housing design ensures easy assembly for its users.

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Future show: Testing Expo - Automotive - China 2020, September 14-16, 2020, SWEECC, Shanghai, China (provisional)