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Biofidelic crash test dummy
CTS - GmbH

Crashtest Service (CTS) will present its latest biofidelic crash test dummies for use in the precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damage or injuries. This range of dummies is constantly being developed in cooperation with the HTW Dresden under the supervision of Professor Dr Lars Hannawald and Dr Michael Weyde.

Anatomically accurate characteristics include lifelike skeletal construction and bone density. This detailing provides more accurate damage feedback than previously possible with steel and plastic dummies. The dummies can be fitted with extensive measurement technology to determine collision-related acceleration and force data.

CTS’s biofidelic crash test dummies are particularly useful for autonomous driving validation; accident reconstruction (occupant tests, pedestrian tests, etc); explosive tests and mine tests (STANAG 4569); lifecycle tests; vibration tests, vibration trials and human vibration; airbag systems (motorcycle clothing, equestrian sports, cycling, etc); occupational safety and product liability; and testing of protective clothing.

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