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Powertrain Solution Center

Bertrandt will update expo visitors on its new Powertrain Solution Center currently being built across two sites in Munich and Wolfsburg, Germany, to ensure the company can provide neutral and manufacturer-independent solutions for validating the powertrain concepts of the future.

The center will focus on the validation, certification and homologation of vehicle powertrains. It will validate powertrain systems with various fuels for internal combustion engines, such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas and hydrogen, as well as alternative powertrains, such as hybrid, electric or fuel cell drive systems.

The Powertrain Solution Center will feature six all-wheel chassis dynamometers with a system power of 360kW per test stand. All chambers can cover a temperature range of -7°C to +35°C. The center will have 160 indoor vehicle spaces that can be air-conditioned to temperatures of between -25°C and +23°C, enabling the vehicles to be prepared for subsequent testing.

A special feature will be two chassis dynamometers with altitude chambers that can simulate altitudes of up to 4,200m. In addition, a sun simulator will simulate different solar irradiation. These test stands will be designed as high-performance systems with a rated output of 550kW and speeds of up to 300km/h.

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