First Speakers Announced

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Asish Jain

Keysight Technologies

Accurately testing 4D imaging radars with CATR technology

Steve Whelan

Horiba Mira

Intelligent labs – the future of development

Klaus Lang


Advanced machine mapping with result verification and MU calculation

Peter-Johann Sikora

Vibration Research Europe GmbH

FDS – Fatigue damage spectrum – the real magnitude

Bernhard Sagmeister

durcrete GmbH

Test benches with a high rigidity and stiffness using UHPC

Mathieu Lu-Dac

Speedgoat GmbH

Advance controller development with a pragmatic digital approach

Thomas Bauer

Fraunhofer IESE

Overcoming challenges for early system validation of automotive driving functions

Sung Yong Lee

RWTH Aachen

Upgrading your hardware-in-the-loop testing infrastructure: enhancing future mobility

Torsten Semper


Operation experience with hydrogen storage systems at IABG's test infrastructure

Ionel Ghita


In-vehicle network security

Marty Gubow


In-vehicle network security

Timo Eich

CSM Computer-Systeme-Messtechnik GmbH

Thermal testing of HV components with a keyhole method

Thomas Kemmerich

HBK – Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær GmbH

Fatigue damage estimation using an engineering/data science approach

Raphael Pfeil

Vector Informatik GmbH

Smart charging – from conformity to interoperability

Max Winkelmann


Data-driven validation for the safety of automated driving

Gerald Sammer


An advanced E/E integration solution for e-drive systems

Manuel Zabelt

tracetronic GmbH

An efficient solution for decoupling test automation process from PLM

Yanbiao Sun

Shanghai KeLiang Information Technology Co. Ltd

A power test system for high voltage and high speed

Claudio Sala


Italdesign: a flexible design approach to embedded systems SW testing

Chris Shieh

Allion Labs, Inc.

Shape the future of in-vehicle AI robotic testing

Daniel Dilmetz

Compredict GmbH

Durability engineering 2.0: how Alpine utilized Compredict's virtual sensor platform

Thomas Stachel

MTS System Corporation

Using K&C hybrid simulation to accelerate active chassis development

James Hennen

MTS Systems

Reduce energy usage by 35% using hybrid HPU technology

Minhyuk Son


Scenario-based safety evaluation and SOTIF readiness with advanced autonomous simulation

Felix Ottofuelling

Intrepid Control Systems

The transition from domain to zonal network architecture for SDV

Manuel Hofmann

NI (Test and Measurement at Emerson)

Battery production test – from cell to module and pack

Ilya Dubnov

Argus Cyber Security

Vehicle security: shifting left with HIL-based testing and penetration testing

Xiaohang Yin

ZD Automotive

Generated reality helps autonomous driving close the loop of data

Jan Georges

tracetronic GmbH

Insights into the next generation of powertrain testing at AMG

Albert Wimmer

Isar Getriebetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Testing of High Power Drive Trains at High Speeds

Antonio Bonetti


Strategies for maintaining compliance amid changing regulations

Martin Gustavsson

SEEL Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory

SEEL - The New Test Center for Electromobility

Conhas Thakkar

Siemens AG

Digital twin for pre-silicon test & development environment for SDV

Björn Ebel

AVL Zöllner GmbH

A Toolbox for efficient EV-range development and certification

Hartmut Jürgens


Cloud-based testing for HIL and SIL

Heinz Beimert

Jaeger Computergesteuerte Messtechnik GmbH

ADwin-Gold-III for End-of-line testing, HIL and Teststand automation with Simulink/ADbasic/ADwin-C

Christian Korreng


ITECH Test Solution for EV Electronics

Stefan Kremer

Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH

Open Ecosystems: The Art of What's Possible with Dynamic Data

Waqas Ahmad

Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH

Leveraging AI and Cloud Services for Measurement Data

Paul Bovingdon

Pickering Interfaces

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL): The Key Factor in BMS Design Verification

Florian Sailer

imc Test and Measurement GmbH - An Axiometrix Solutions Brand

Sensor Systems in Testing Automotive Driving Dynamics

Jonathan Deacon


Charting New Routes: Innovations in Open Road Navigation for Testing

Ernst Manner

MANNER Sensortelemetrie

Non-contact torque sensors with innovative compensation of environmental effects of speed, temperature and parasitic forces

Alexander Karmazin

RA Consulting GmbH

Efficiently testing OTX-based diagnostic tester using simulator tool

Heiko Ruth

Luxoft GmbH

ADAS Testing Revolution: Simulating Scenarios from Ground Truth


Siemens Simulation & Test Solutions

Simcenter Testlab RT for XiL testrigs and simulators

Wolfgang Horrig

EA Elektro-Automatik

Managing the transition into a new era of connectivity

Julia Manner

MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH

Innovative Sensor Telemetry Solutions for Automotive Challenges

Koji Sasaki

Photron Ltd.

High-Speed Volumetric Capture and CAE Comparison

Dusan Majstorovic

Typhoon HIL

Modernizing Control Software Testing of Electric Powertrain Components

Jorge Wallace Ruiz


Challenges in Cybersecurity Testing for Future Mobility Solutions

Christian Walther

imc Test and Measurement GmbH, an Axiometrix Solutions brand

Beyond measurement technology: solutions for testing electric vehicles and components

Jon Paton

Catesby Projects

Catesby Tunnel: Taking Real-World Testing Repeatability to New Levels.

Nils Röttger

Blueberry d.o.o.

openDAQ – unlimited data access via one software development kit

Colin Gong

Shanghai Tosun Technology Ltd

New approach to hardware-in-the-loop automotive chassis simulation system

Thomas Brandt

dSpace GmbH

Vehicle security: shifting left with HIL-based testing and penetration testing

Marko Gustke


Localization and mapping validation services for highly automated driving vehicles

Morgan Jenkins


Pioneering virtual calibration for EV powertrain: AI’s role in performance