Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019

May 21, 22, 23, 2019
Halls 8 + 10, Messe Stuttgart, Germany


Show News

High-speed power analyzer technology
Dewetron - Stand: 1368

Make sure you stop by Dewetron’s booth to learn more about the company’s new high-speed power analyzer. The DEWE3-PA8 offers up to 16 power channels in a single chassis, and with polyphase motors featuring 1-9 phases, the system becomes a multi-power analyzer. It is an ideal solution for integration into testbed environments and automation systems.

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Electrohydraulic servo valves
Star Hydraulics Ltd - Stand: 8460

Star Hydraulics will be showcasing its electrohydraulic servo valve range featuring the company’s well-known sapphire technology and modernized EHSV components – a key component in all hydraulic automotive test rigs.

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Large air gap precision speed sensor
Sensitec GmbH - Stand: 1708

Discover more about Sensitec’s new speed sensor technology at the expo. The system is designed for highly dynamic non-contact measuring of the rotational speed of a ferromagnetic toothed wheel, offering high flexibility in target gear tooth pitch and enabling an air gap of up to 5mm.

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New test and simulation system saves energy and space
Gustav Klein

Gustav Klein’s new multi-channel test and simulation system for energy storage saves energy and space by having up to four programmable output systems, which can be controlled independently of each other.

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ADS interfaces with test room elements
Vazquez y Torres Ingenieria

The VTI Airbag Deployment (ADS) Control System interfaces with other test room systems involved in airbag tests, among them high-speed cameras (a trigger signal, synchronized with the airbag firing signal, could be provided by the camera), lighting systems and climatic chambers.

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Modular unit enables continuous gas analysis
Eco Physics

Unique in speed and reliability, the nCLD 811 M from Eco Physics facilitates continuous and simultaneous analysis of NO, NO2 and NOx in raw exhaust gases, with NOx concentrations ranging from several thousand ppm down to 1ppb.

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