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New vehicle indoor positioning system
Racelogic - Stand: 8240

Racelogic will showcase three new products at Automotive Testing Expo Europe this year, all designed to make vehicle testing more accessible and overcome barriers associated with conventional testing methods while improving data accuracy.

First, the new VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) enables testing to be conducted in GNSS-denied environments and offers seamless switching between indoors and outdoors, allowing testing to continue even when no satellites are visible. VIPS offers positional accuracy down to 2cm, speed accuracy to within ±0.15km/h and a 100Hz update rate.

Also on display will be new datalogger VBOX Touch. Featuring a large color touchscreen, 10Hz GNSS receiver, two CANbus interfaces and the ability to run multiple applications on the same hardware, VBOX Touch is extremely versatile. Applications are written in Python script enabling users to create their own, including custom CAN-based applications to solve specific testing needs.

The third new product on display will be VBOX 3iS, a compact GNSS / inertial sensor designed to be used with an existing control system or datalogger. VBOX 3iS can fill GNSS gaps for prolonged periods of time and provides accurate acceleration, speed, position and attitude data. Featuring a 100Hz RTK GNSS receiver, VBOX 3iS also provides a cost-effective solution for testing the latest ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems.

Booth: 8240

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Future show: Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2021, June 8, 9, 10, 2021, Hall 8 & 10, Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Future show: Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022, June 21, 22, 23, 2022, Hall 8 & 10, Messe Stuttgart, Germany