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DAY 2: Discover the power of renting high-grade electronics and electrical test equipment
Electro Rent

First-time exhibitor Electro Rent is showcasing its electronics and electrical test and measurement equipment rental services, which are increasingly in demand in the automotive industry. The company is using the show to create awareness of this notion and to meet new potential partners.

As company vice president George Acris said, “For us, the main aim is to connect with companies that aren’t familiar with our services. We offer high-end equipment that they often do not know is available for rental. Essentially, we are urging them to look at how they procure their equipment.”

Acris emphasized that rental is a flexible way for developers to procure equipment quickly and cost-effectively without any hassle. Electro Rent has considerable know-how regarding these types of instruments, with 180 test equipment experts in-house. An important part of the company’s business model is predicting and understanding the trends that demand will follow in this fluid sector of automotive development.

“The conversations we’ve had are encouraging; people have noted how great the concept is and asked us if we can provide new services. Even if it’s not our specialty, we never rule anything out and it’s great to get the feedback so we can start doing investigations. Furthermore, the expo is a good opportunity to network with other suppliers; there’s a fantastic range of companies doing great things,” concluded Acris.

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