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DAY 2: On show: Visual measurement systems to assess stress and deformation in vehicle structures

Zeiss is exhibiting its range of camera-based measuring solutions at the expo, including its GOM Aramis system, which uses 3D cameras for surface measurement. The camera system and associated analysis software provide information on material characteristics and the behavior of components under load. These results form the basis of product durability, geometrical layout, reliable numerical simulations and their validation.

Tom Jericho, applications engineer for GOM, explained that the system has a variety of uses in automotive. For example, as shown on the demonstrator vehicle at the expo, panel deformation of components such as hood and doors can be measured when they are closed or opened, helping to correlate simulation results with real-world performance. Furthermore, the system can be deployed to measure factors such as the aeroelasticity of surfaces in the wind tunnel, checking the level of deformation at speed. Finally, coupon samples in test rigs can also be measured, providing an invaluable extra layer of data for analysis.

Jericho noted that the Aramis sensors measure statically or dynamically loaded specimens and parts by using a contact-free, material-independent method based on the principle of digital image correlation (DIC) – without time-consuming and expensive preparation of the test object.

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