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DAY 2: On display: Compact, embedded optical speed measurement for powertrain applications
Texys Group

Texys Group is displaying its latest range of sensing solutions at Automotive Testing Expo Europe, including a variety of new products resulting from its acquisition of two companies – Optel and LGS – in 2020. This has resulted in the integration and development of a variety of fiber-optic speed sensing systems, the latest of which is a highly compact unit intended for embedded applications running at very high speeds. With a detection range of 1-5mm and able to operate with a switching frequency of up to 300kHz, the 152G7-E has been designed specifically for integration into operational prototypes instead of being limited to use on the test bench.

Speaking at the expo, the company’s head of business development, Ivan Tattier, explained, “This uses the same technology as our other systems but you don’t have the big potentiometer and it is auto-adjusting. We are equipping a lot of projects such as Formula 1 engines – for turbocharger speed, MGUs – with this. It is very robust and designed to be embedded.”

Another notable new offering on display from Texys is a range of instrumented bolts called TM-Fast. These enable the monitoring of fastened joints, covering fixings from M4 up to M30. The fastenings integrate a strain gauge within the head of the bolt, ensuring mechanical integrity. They can be specified with fixed wire connections, removable magnetic connections or the latest development: wireless communication. The TM-Fast bolts can also feature either an integrated signal conditioner or remote options. According to Tattier, the system was initially developed for use in heavy industrial settings. However, it has proved popular with automotive and motorsport clients, including one World Rally Championship manufacturer.

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