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DAY 2: EV charging communications testing according to ISO 15118
Typhoon HIL

Typhoon HIL is highlighting its new capability that helps vehicle and equipment developers get to grips with the testing of electrified vehicle charging communications. The Typhoon HIL toolchain now enables testing according to the ISO 15118 protocol, one of the four major global communications standards in place.

According to CTO Dusan Majstorovic, the solution provides a comprehensive environment to assess all aspects of EV charging communications – including vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-road – in one package. This competency is becoming a necessity for all automotive manufacturers as e-mobility technology shifts to take into account new energy requirements.

Majstorovic added that Typhoon HIL has had some fruitful discussions at the show regarding its technologies and how it can work with partners strategically: β€œThe expo is a good opportunity to speak with partners with which we can create value; to grow as a company it is important to look at ways to work with others in a similar field to make system solutions, then getting customer feedback is the next step. We have spoken with some companies that are seeking ways to develop business models together with us.”

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