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DAY 2: State-of-the-art new battery lab to open in Germany

UTAC’s focus for the show is its new battery lab in Frankfurt, Germany, which is scheduled to open in November 2021. The cutting-edge facility will house two electric driveline test cells, which emulate the setup at the company’s site in California while offering higher technology and more efficiency. As demand calls, capacity can be increased; according to the supplier, it will be able to expand up to 15 cells.

A whole range of e-driveline components can be analyzed at the Frankfurt facility. In terms of drives and dynos, the first two chambers will be outfitted with identical systems with full regen capability, DC battery simulators rated to 1,000kW, a maximum voltage of 1,000V and a maximum overload current of 1,200A. The dyno units in each system will comprise two AV output dynos capable of 4,500Nm maximum torque with a base speed of 1,200rpm and a maximum speed of 3,500rpm.

Alongside this, UTAC has announced that it is to establish its first center in Shanghai, China. The new 1,000m2 laboratory, which is to open in the second quarter of 2023, will be dedicated to electric driveline testing and type approval. UTAC has also revealed its plan to commission two additional battery test cells in the UK and double the number of test stands in California.

UTAC’s CEO, Laurent Benoit, said, "One year after announcing our new identity and organization, we are pleased to keep on growing and complementing our existing assets with this new laboratory in Germany. The new laboratory in Shanghai will allow us to reach the Asian markets, which are leaders in the e-powertrain. We invite customers to come to the booth and find out more.”

Booth: 8654

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