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DAY 2: Flexible, modular data acquisition system for hydraulic motion platforms

Moog is displaying its next-generation test controller at the expo, developed to help test lab managers unlock a greater volume of data from test specimens. The test controller can be configured with between one and 32 channels and is a real-time modular system, capable of controlling and collecting data from any hydraulic or electric test system.

“We have enhanced our portfolio to give customers who want it the capability to do basic data collection. We supply high-precision motion control systems and the reason you use those is to be able to capture data. We have analog and digital interfaces, the system is modular and we provide feature-rich software with it – there are no hidden costs on that front,” explained Jasper Knol, technical sales engineer at Moog. He added, “We are using proven technologies and our latest system is based on our experience over 20 years. We currently offer 32 logging channels but expect that in the future we will offer more.”

Among the new features that Moog has added this year are more advanced control algorithms, revised data analysis and viewing tools and a more flexible hardware interface.

The test controller product family incorporates a wide range of modules for high-precision control and collection of data and providing alternative control paths. The test controller offers manifold control for pressure in hydraulic systems along with closed-loop control of servohydraulic systems using actuation with force and/or position feedback.

The product family also includes a General-Purpose Input/Output Unit (GPIOU) that provides eight differential analog input and output channels as well as 16 digital inputs and outputs. It also features a built-in kinematics module that provides degree-of-freedom control of hexapod (or other orthogonal) configurations to improve control of legacy or new simulation tables.

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