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Marcel Beemster

Marcel is a 25+ years professional in compiler technology with a PhD in computer science from the University of Amsterdam, where he also worked as an assistant professor. In 1999 he began work as a senior software engineer at ACE to manage a wide range of compiler development projects. In early 2013 his focus shifted to the support, maintenance and development of the SuperTest compiler test and validation suite for C and C++. Marcel co-founded Solid Sands in 2014 to give his full attention to compiler validation and its application in safety-critical application development.


SuperGuard: solution for using C standard libraries in safety-critical applications

Solid Sands has developed a requirement-based test suite for the C standard library. The suite offers full traceability from individual test results back to requirements derived from the ISO C language specification. The product is called SuperGuard and can be used to qualify both unmodified third-party C library implementations and self-developed or self-maintained implementations for safety-critical applications. Functional safety standards clearly specify that qualification must be done for the application developer’s use case, which is what we make possible with SuperGuard. In this presentation we will show the principles and practice of C standard library qualification.