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Klaas Ebel

Klaas Ebel’s career in the automotive industry has seen him work for various OEMs at various levels in multiple teams. After studying snow physics, his first stint in automotive was in numerical crash test simulation. There he learned the skill of always determining the root cause before trying to fix things. This skill brought him to lead teams in all phases from architecture to homologation/certification of the vehicle development process. He contributes to committees concerned with evaluation software for vehicle safety and nurtures the attitude of getting a little step further every day.


Imperative in a world of more and more assisted driving

Keeping pace with ever evolving and growing regulatory and customer protection requirements in ADAS testing calls for more and more certified standard test routines, not only for the simulation world. Side by side evaluation and comparison of such helps safety engineers sleep peacefully. A brief insight into regulatory work and measX´s approach to support with software tools as well as a glimpse into upcoming challenges.