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Klaus Lang

Klaus studied telecommunications at the University of the German Telekom in Dieburg. He joined Gould Instruments as a product specialist for paper recorders and digital data recorders. After the acquisition of Gould by Nicolet, he took over product management responsibilities for the Nicolet transient recorders and for digital storage oscilloscopes. After Nicolet became part of LDS, he was responsible for product marketing of Nicolet DAQ Systems, Dactron dynamic signal analyzers and LDS shakers. Since HBM (now HBK) acquired LDS in 2009, he has been global business development manager for testing e-drives (test systems for inverter-driven electrical machines).


Test electric drives in half the time with dynamic power analysis

Time is money. Test time costs money. HBK is a leader in reducing test time. In this presentation, two methods will be explained, each of which halves the test time for electric drives. The first one is based on a patented dynamic power measurement method (based on switching frequency analysis) allowing machine mapping and WLTP testing to be undertaken simultaneously rather than one after the other. The second one is based on dynamic power analysis based on half-cycle detection and allows the setpoint test time to be dynamically reduced with increasing rpm, thereby halving the time needed for an electric machine.