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Fabrice Derepas

Fabrice is the CEO and co-founder of the cybersecurity startup TrustInSoft. He got his start in the telecoms industry as a systems architect and then worked as the CTO for startup companies. Fabrice joined CEA, a French technology research laboratory, in 2003, where he directed business development, managed a department, led programs and provided strategy for the CEA-LIST institute, before founding TrustInSoft in 2013. Fabrice has a PhD from the University of Paris 7 as well as an engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique.


Practical application of formal methods to support ISO 26262

The reliability of low-level software in safety-critical applications is extremely important. Proving program correctness and ensuring deterministic behavior of the code in automotive systems, especially in the context of ADAS and autonomous vehicles where the safety and security of the embedded code and firmware are paramount, is very challenging. The complexity of today’s automotive software requires more than just identifying the presence of potential bugs in the code to ensure the foolproof safety and security of vehicle onboard software. This presentation will examine practical applications of formal methods to guarantee automotive software safety and security for ISO 26262 compliance.