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Heinz Beimert

Heinz has a Dipl.-Ing. in control engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt. He is a senior consultant for control engineering solutions and real-time automation systems and the manager of international sales at Jaeger Computergesteuerte Messtechnik.


ADwin real-time systems for signal analysis and test stand control applications with Simulink/ADbasic/Csim/ADsim

ADwin-X and ADwin-Pro-II are high-performing and reliable real-time systems with highly precise timing, with a local CPU for built-in multitasking applications: Simulink/ADbasic/Csim/ADsim/ADsimDesk. New for 2022 are additional ADwin-Simulink blocksets and a C-Compiler. ADwin systems come as standard versions with various options, or as fully customized tailored OEM versions, all with analog and digital I/Os, interfaces like CAN/CAN-FD, SENT, LIN, PSI5 and PROFIBUS/PROFINET. Typical applications are test stand automation, production line solutions, end-of-line testing, HIL simulation and vibration test stand control for devices including ECUs, sensors, actuators, breaks, shock absorbers, and engines. ADwin is an expert with more than 30 years of experience in deterministic real-time applications.