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Joerg Hogefeld

* studied Automotive Engineering at the Cologne Technical University of Applied Science * worked as a Senior Engineer in the In-Territory Testing & Trip Coordination department in September 2001 with the responsibility for Cold Climate, Hot Climate and High Altitude Testing * developed a trailer tow driver training and assessment that became a Ford standard in Europe and North America * developed a low mu driver training and assessment on snow and ice for participants on cold climate test trips that became a Ford standard in Europe and North America


SAE J3300 Driving Level Skill Certification

The SAE J3300 Driving Skills Standards Committee has established consistent, globally recognizable driving skill certification standards. The committee has more than 60 participants representing 30 OEMs, suppliers, and other automotive-related organizations. This completely new, global, multilevel driving skill certification process spans the spectrum from very basic to extremely advanced levels, as well as for specialty applications such as trailer towing, winter driving, and operators of automated vehicles. The SAE J3300 Standard is intended to establish a procedure to certify the fundamental driving skill levels of professional drivers and promises a higher level of safety, competence, and consistency for everyone.