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Eric Sorber

Eric Sorber is an electrical engineer who joined Siemens 8 years ago, starting as a customer support engineer and since then taking up the roles of pre-sales engineer and business developer. In this time, Eric has gained profound NVH testing experience in the domains of acoustics, rotating machinery and structural testing and is recognized by our customers as an expert in these fields.


Predicting vehicle NVH performance using Virtual Prototype Assembly

With the explosion of vehicle variants, testing NVH performance on physical protoypes of every possible variant within a reasonable timeframe and budget is impossible. What if there was a way to validate NVH performance before a physical prototype is even available? This session will explore how to virtually assemble a vehicle from test and simulation-based component data and predict its NVH performance at any stage of the development cycle. In addition, these virtual prototypes can be shared with a wider non-expert audience allowing NVH to be balanced with other conflicting design targets.