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Olaf Strama

• Study Electronic / Information Technology at Technical University Ilmenau till 1994 • 1994..1998 Scientific assistant at the department “Electronic Measurement Technology” at Technical University of Ilmenau. Work at EC scientific project: „Innovative methods of noise and vibration analysis on rotating machinery for the purpose of quality control and diagnosis” • Since 1998 employed by Saab Medav Technologies GmbH (formerly MEDAV GmbH) at department „NVH - Industrial and Automotive Applications“ as a system engineer, project manager and sales manager. • Work at EC projects: Innovative Quality Control for Rotating Machines Using Artificial Intelligence Methods“(INQUAC); „Sorting and Quality Control


Hear and feel quality - vibration and noise-based end-of-line testing

Vibration and noise-based end-of-line testing is an efficient and automatable method to verify objectively and cost-effectively that products are free of quality issues such as bearing defects, gear defects, eccentricity, and many others. Based on requirements of modern production lines, this presentation will describe how an inspection system can be integrated into the end-of-line test and into the quality assurance process, so that the inspection can provide added value. This is generated by detection of defects which have never occurred before and reliable identification of already known defects. The inspection helps to detect defects, to prevent them in future and to save cost.