ATS 2018 Presentation Programme

The ATS Forum is lining up eminent speakers from Europe at the ATE Chennai, with key topics ranging from test systems for passive safety and measurements with EV on the first day, to ADAS on Day 2, and engineering services on Day 3.

The speakers have decades of experience in their fields and have worked closely with leading OEMs and component manufacturers worldwide, supporting their customers with inventions to meet their new testing requirements. A great deal of insight into measurement systems and strategies will be discussed and explained.

Program Schedule

Day 1 (10 January 2018): Passive Safety Day

11:00 -11:30

Daniel Foerder, imc
Topic: Testing and measuring e-vehicles

11:35 -12:05

Thomas Webber, HighSpeed Vision
Topic: Macro Vis HS series high-speed camera This camera offers 4,000 fps at 1 megapixel resolution and is therefore highly suitable for demanding tasks in vehicle interiors, on crash-test sleds or for airbag testing facilities.

12:10 -12:40

Colin Villiam, Microsys
Topic: Airbag test system and passive safety The new Surefire G6 from Microsys offers confidence and efficiency for airbag testing.

14:10 -14:40

Thomas Webber, HighSpeed Vision
Topic: Miniaturised LED lighting system The NANO High-Power LED Heads have been developed for use where space is limited, but where maximum lighting power is required.

14:45 -15:15

Dr Vittorio Cappello, Microsys/Conceptus
Topic: Meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements for safety and component testing.

15:00 -15:30

Rami Ballout, Head Acoustics
Topic: In car communications
In-car communication (ICC) systems testing with background noise present under general conditions.

Day 2 (11 January 2018): Understanding ADAS

11:00 -12:00

Benjamin Reiss, IPG
Topic: Understanding ADAS, from development to validation

12:05 -12:45

Danny Boyle, OXTS
Topic: Hunter polygon park assist ADAS testing using the RT Range – challenges and applications

14:10 -14:40

Klaus Wiemert, AB Dynamics
Topic: Soft Car 360 – the Euro NCAP Global Vehicle Target collaborative guided soft target vehicle

15:00 -15:30

Steve Boyle, Moshan Data
Topic: Night Environment Simulation Tunnel (NEST)

Day 3: (12 January 2018) NVH

11:00 -11:30

André Pirnay, Head Acoustics
Topic: Beamforming in practical use for automotive applications

11:35 -12:05

Dr Martin Hill, Race Technologies
Topic: A simple-to-use system for pass-by noise measurement

12:15 -13:00

P.N. Prasad, AARTC
Topic: Testing and engineering solutions for the automotive industry with state-of-the-art facilities established for powertrain testing, vehicle dynamics, RLDA, NVH and simulation.

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