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Menny Shalom

A seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur who has been through many seasons and come out on top. Founded and led a number of innovation-powered technology ventures mainly in enterprise software and fintech. Acquired diverse experience in the start-up and VC ecosystem over 20 years including strong management, strategic, and communication skills. A leader with a creative intellect and a well-rounded personality. Combines assertiveness, efficiency, empathy, astuteness and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of humour. Brings to the table demonstrated experience in strategic vision and execution, managing multiple projects as well as evolving business objectives, conditions, and everyday operational challenges.


Loadless loading tests for EV motors

This presentation covers the patented, algorithm-based loading test. Removing the external load reduces the cost of the loading test, reduces the testing time and – most importantly – allows the testing of very small, very large and high-speed, high-torque motors that cannot otherwise be tested.