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Glen Goi

Glen Goi is an industry expert. He gained his MBA from University of Birmingham, U.K. Glen is Business Development Manager of Ixxat Solutions for HMS Industrial Networks and is currently based in Singapore. He has 15 years of experience in wireless IoT, process automation and vertical markets like renewable energy and automotive. He is a subject matter expert in the field of CAN communication, specializing in data monitoring, analysis & optimization.


All you need for CAN communication

HMS is one of the leading providers of CAN components for development and production. Under the Ixxat brand, HMS delivers connectivity solutions for embedded control, energy and safety, data communication solutions for automotive applications, and test benches and CAN solutions. As a pioneer of CAN technology, the Ixxat brand has made important contributions to the successful development of CAN in industrial applications. The Ixxat product range has been significantly expanded over the years and, in addition to CAN, has developed other technologies, such as safety, industrial ethernet, automotive/FlexRay and IEEE 1588.