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Accelerated sine-on-random profiles
Vibration Research

A vibration test must include all the vibrations that may occur in use. For products with rotational components, a sine-on-random (SoR) test is the best option to capture the sinusoidal vibration and random background.

An innovative approach to replicating an end-use environment is to use recorded waveforms. The result is a vibration test profile that closely reflects or is equivalent to the end environment. However, generating an accelerated test reflective of SoR environments can be difficult and time-consuming.

Vibration Research (VR) developed the Sine Tracking, Analysis and Generation (STAG) tool to develop an accelerated SoR test with minimal processing time and error. It uses recorded time history data and, combined with FDS analysis, generates an accelerated SoR test that is the damage equivalent of the original environment.

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