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Process equipment integration

IMEG has led the process equipment integration effort on numerous projects, including manufacturing facilities, research and development/testing facilities and component test facilities. Utilizing 3D modeling capabilities and other tools, IMEG has provided added value to clients with its proven ability to integrate new and relocated process equipment into the facility design. The company has successfully worked with many customer user groups and equipment suppliers to coordinate their equipment into the overall building design, reducing equipment relocation downtime and improving construction sequencing and project completion.

IMEG works with equipment suppliers and end users to document the utility requirements and space criteria for each piece of equipment and its environment. This provides a basis of design for facility and process loads, enclosure and structural criteria and identification of special process systems that require integration. It also offers an up-to-date baseline of facility and process requirements, for coordination, checking, cost modeling and value engineering.

Process equipment can have a large impact on facility systems, especially if controls are integrated. With a coordinated set of documents and a complete 3D model, a comprehensive phasing/commissioning plan can be developed and executed. IMEG coordinates process equipment operation with facility system operations. Equipment relocation phasing plans reduce downtime. IMEG can provide system commissioning of complete facility/process, and coordinates the training of operators and maintenance personnel.

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