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Vibration test stands for battery testing
IMV America

The EV battery industry is changing and growing at an explosive pace. It’s estimated that 70% of auto sales in the US will be electric by 2030, and individual states are pushing for all-electric by 2035. IMV continues to innovate to support the ever-growing battery test market. The company has supplied vibration test stands for battery testing across the world and is now offering an upgraded version of its K200 that is optimized specifically for battery testing.

The new IMV K200 ECO-Shaker has been designed for high-shock battery test requirements with 4x shock rating over sine/random. The K200 now gives customers up to 180,000flb shock capability. It has a maximum displacement of 3in and a vertical load capability of 4,400 lb. In addition, when combined with the ECO-Amplifier, this system yields an estimated annual energy savings of US$43,000.

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