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Permanent magnet high-torque dynamometer
Meiden America

Meiden America is introducing the Meiden PMDY LV1000 permanent magnet (PM) dynamometer for loading axle outputs with torque up to 14,000Nm. The LV1000 will absorb or motor at 330kW up to its maximum speed of 2,000rpm. This PM dynamometer will provide 10,000Nm of torque, on a continuous basis, up to the base speed of 315rpm, with 140% overload available for 30 seconds for low gear loading.

Until now, dynamometers required large, heavy rotors to be capable of loading at the high torque levels necessary for testing truck axles. Consequently, these dynamometers were slow responding, and the rotors’ high inertia loaded the axle unnaturally during transient conditions.

The Meiden LV1000 has relatively low rotor inertia of just 8.58kg/m2. With full torque in less than 1ms, rotor acceleration is faster than 15,000rpm/s. The fast response, high torque and low rotor inertia enable this dynamometer to deliver a wide range of road load simulations. This means the LV1000 is ideal for testing powertrains of many diesel-powered medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks.

Meiden offers a complete line of LV-series PM dynamometers that cover the full range of GVW and axle output speed and torque requirements.

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