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Battery simulator module updated
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With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the automotive industry, one of the biggest challenges to be tackled is the effective testing and validation of the battery management systems (BMS). To facilitate BMS testing, Pickering will introduce the latest update to its PXI battery simulator module (model 41-752) range, ideal for battery stack emulation with the advantage of a modular and scalable platform. The 41/43-752A version is a six-channel battery simulator that will be available in both PXI and PXIe. Highlights of the update include current and voltage read-back and a change in the software engine to provide a more accurate output. Pickering also supports most hardware-in-the-loop software, including LabView RT, QNX, Simulink and MathWorks.

These PXI/PXIe battery simulator modules can supply up to 7V and 300mA per channel; each channel is fully isolated from the ground and each other, allowing series connection to simulate batteries in a stacked architecture. The 750V isolation barrier allows the module to be used as a lower-power version of a battery stack representative of those used for vehicle propulsion.

These modules can be combined with Pickering’s other PXI switch and simulation modules for a flexible BMS test system, including high-voltage switching, fault insertion, thermocouple simulation, RTD simulation and more.

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