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Dynamic linear test system – the missing link
Oilgear Towler

Developers of car seat components, such as recliners or tracks, have faced a difficult task: how do you test samples to verify FEA simulation or ensure COP? How can you easily perform a test on a pre-production sample or prototype? You could either perform a static test, with limited pertinence of the resulting measurements, or you could do highly dynamic but expensive and time-consuming testing on a crash sled.

Oilgear has now developed a test system that bridges the gap between these two methods: the Dynamic Linear Test System. Specifically designed to test the subsystems of seat mechanisms, it is based on linear electric motors and smart control algorithms. The system allows users to assess the behavior of the test samples in a simple and quick procedure. Different control modes add to the flexibility provided for development requirements; the machine can apply force/time or speed/time curves to the products. The drive is coupled directly with the test subject so that the curve can be replicated without shock. A force of up to 40kN is available.

Usability is a key factor. The system is designed for horizontal operation, allowing for easy access for sample attachment and camera/lighting installation. The remote control for positioning simplifies the setup procedure, and the software interface takes the user through the operation. In addition, the electric drive offers minimal maintenance requirements and low noise emission. The compact design facilitates installation in a crowded lab environment.

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