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MHz DAQ system

imc Test & Measurement GmbH will present imc EOS, an integrated high-speed measurement device for the MHz range. With sampling rates of up to 4MHz, very fast, dynamic processes can be measured precisely. A four-channel, isolated measurement amplifier allows the direct connection of voltage, current transformers and IEPE sensors. The areas of application are diverse, from high-speed recorder use in blasting tests to structure-borne sound and vibration measurements, analysis of switching processes on control units or airbag and crash tests, right through to e-mobility experiments. A particularly attractive feature is the possibility to operate imc EOS synchronously with other imc measurement systems.

imc EOS is equipped with four individually galvanically isolated precision measurement amplifiers.

The signal connection is via either BNC or Lemo. The acquired signals are digitalized with 24 bits at up to 4MHz per channel; the analog bandwidth extends to 1.7MHz. In addition, imc EOS has a channel-specific sensor supply for feeding active sensors.

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