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Moving ground plane installation
Ontario Tech University

ACE, a commercial automotive research, development and innovation center, is enhancing its research facility by adding a 7m moving ground plane (MGP) – a giant belt that acts as a road moving under a vehicle, reproducing the aerodynamic forces against moving vehicles and measuring the physical characteristics in real-world conditions.

The moving ground plane will give motorsports specialists and automotive manufacturers the tools to conduct research in a high-tech environment, help companies and researchers create new energy-efficient products such as active aero, maximize energy efficiency
and reduce carbon emissions.

The project involves enhancements to the wind tunnel, air flow quality and acoustics, and the addition of advanced aerodynamic force measurement devices as well as some building modifications and enhancements.

The climatic wind tunnel has provision for aerodynamic flow improvements. A honeycomb flow straightener has been installed in the settling chamber, downstream of the heat exchanger and upstream of the flow conditioning screens. The honeycomb addresses angularity and uniformity, and removes lateral and vertical flow velocities.

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