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PEMS FTIR made in Austria
IAG Prufstandstechnik

OFS (Onboard FTIR System) – the first PEMS FTIR system designed for RDE – was launched by IAG-NG in 2020. Due to its compact design, the OFS has a small footprint (600 x 500 x 400mm) and weighs less than 50kg. It is designed to be mounted on a tow bar or inside all standard vehicles.

The OFS utilizes the latest MKS Instruments FTIR spectrometer, which features 5Hz data acquisition, 70cc gas cell for fast response time, the standard 5.11m optical path for low limits of quantitation and a liquid-nitrogen-cooled MTC detector.

Sample preparation is based on vacuum pump extraction with an adjustable sample flow of 1-6 l/min at an altitude of 1,500m and a high end follow of 12 l/min at sea level.

Because of its unique sampling design and utilization of the FTIR for complex gaseous mixture measurements, it is not necessary to have additional operation/calibration gases inside the vehicle during testing.

The OFS comes with all commonly used measurement methods such as those for diesel, gasoline and CNG exhaust. Each method provides a wide range of gas calibrations including NOX, N2O, NH3, CH4 and formaldehyde.

The onboard software application comes standard with all necessary EPA 1065-compliant checks, including those for vacuum side leak, linearity and interference.

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