Combined suspension, kinematics and compliance testing
Servotest Testing Systems

The Servotest Dual/Quad Hexapod suspension systems are a cutting-edge solution for precision suspension analysis and testing. The Servotest Dual/Quad Hexapod systems are advanced and versatile tools designed to evaluate the performance and durability of suspension systems in various vehicles. Developed with engineering excellence and innovative technology, this state-of-the-art tester offers accuracy, reliability and versatility, making it an ideal tool for automotive manufacturers, research institutions and motorsports enthusiasts alike.

The systems offer a number of benefits. Two independent 6DOF motion platforms provide the ultimate in versatility for suspension kinematics and compliance and durability testing. The unique dual/quad configuration enables simultaneous testing of both front and rear suspensions, significantly reducing testing time and enhancing productivity. The system's precise and repeatable movements replicates real-world road conditions with exceptional fidelity. The high degree of accuracy ensures reliable data for suspension performance evaluation by using Servotest hydrostatic bearing actuators and fibre-optic digital controls technologies. The robust frame is manufactured to withstand the rigors of continuous testing, ensuring these systems will provide a lifetime of reliable testing in the most demanding environments. Visit Servotest's booth to find out more.

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