Wireless NVH measurement
Advanced Telemetrics International Inc

A new dual range dynamic torque sensing system for NVH testing will be the highlight of Advanced Telemetrics’ booth. This wireless torque measurement system features a full-range torque measurement channel that updates at 6400Hz and is typically used for test stand torque control. A second dynamic channel is ranged at 2.5% to 10% of the primary channel’s range. For example, a sensor with a ±4000Nm full range can have a dynamic range of ±100Nm. This permits the measurement of gear mesh torsional data with extreme precision.

A receiver unit provides dedicated analog outputs for both channels for recording and control. The receiver’s display provides critical feedback such as the induction power level, data status and sensor temperature, in addition to permitting adjustment of a 5-pole low-pass filter. This system is available with an optional angular acceleration channel for further quantifying NVH parameters such as gear whine and transmission error.

The device is aimed at in-vehicle applications and to this end, the miniature transmitter is only 7.2mm thick and can be taped to the rotating shaft with high-temperature tape. A molded LiPo cell forms to the shaft to permit installations in very tight locations and provides over 200 hours of operation.

Booth: 7024

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