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Engineered pressure transducers
Dylix Corporation

What benefits a supply chain more than anything else? A quality product with flexible, quick delivery. The GX Series pressure transducer has allowed Dylix to partner with many companies facing very short lead times , offering clients a cost-effective approach with quick-ship options.

The key feature of the sensing element is its isolation from induced stresses such as mounting torque, thermal excursions and vibration/shock. It meets the requirements of demanding test and measurement environments.

Dylix’s engineers developed this product to last in high cyclical environments with or without the presence of water hammering or spiking. Advanced manufacturing techniques, extreme environmental burn-in and thorough residual-stress-relieving procedures ensure the GX Series maintains its performance over time.

Every Dylix GX Series is rated to NEMA 4X standards regardless of the output (mVdc, Vdc or mAdc) or pressure format (gauge, absolute or vacuum). Pressure ranges are available from 0-1 psig through 0-15,000 psig.

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