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Next-generation multi-channel anemometers

Kanomax USA is proud to announce its next-generation multi-channel anemometers at Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan. These new airflow testing instruments make airflow monitoring and data processing easier than ever before. The new units are the successors to the company’s popular 1550/1560 Series multi-channel anemometers.

The standard features of this new instrument include 12 channels (with the ability to expand up to 144 channels with additional hardware), color touchscreen, and digital, analog and wi-fi outputs. Probes for the units are heat resistant and feature a miniature design, omni-directional air sensors and 2% measuring accuracy. Eleven probes will be available, with probe options for air velocity (V), air velocity and temperature (V/T), and air velocity, temperature and humidity (V/T/H). An additional airflow transducer option can also be integrated into the system.

Kanomax multi-channel anemometers are research-grade airflow measuring instruments designed for high performance and precision. When coupled with highly accurate Kanomax probes, they provide unparalleled flexibility and reliable data readings. Although the airflow testing and monitoring uses for these units are nearly endless, they often include automotive testing applications such as cabin ventilation monitoring, cooling efficiency monitoring, aerodynamics research, production control, and general vehicle research and development.

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