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New ADAS test products
AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics has launched two new ADAS testing products that enable OEMs to safely undertake challenging and realistic scenarios at higher speeds than just the typical urban scenarios.

The first is the GST120 powered Guided Soft Target platform, which, when combined with the industry-standard Soft Car 360 surrogate vehicle target, enables ADAS system testing at speeds up to 120km/h. In addition to the high speed, the platform features a large battery capacity and fast braking, with a high-performance ABS system to minimize tire wear.
The GST’s software includes a variety of new tools specifically aimed at developing highway scenarios, as well as post-processing and graphing software utilities within a single integrated environment.

The GST120 is joined by a new, high-speed version of AB Dynamics’ popular LaunchPad powered VRU platform, called the LaunchPad 80. It enables the testing of complex, higher-speed scenarios, which will soon be required by safety performance assessment programs. As the name suggests, the LaunchPad 80 enables testing at up to 80km/h. Coupled with fast braking, it is well suited to testing with mopeds and motorcycles at realistic highway speeds, including scenarios involving emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist.

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