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New ADAS proving ground
FT Techno of America

A new facility, designed specifically for ADAS and AV testing, has opened at FT Techno of America’s Fowlerville Proving Ground. The new section includes a multipurpose pad, city and rural intersections, a roundabout, and highway on- and off-ramps.

Configurable, timed V2X traffic signals allow customers to create real-life scenarios on a 5-lane signaled or a 4-way stop intersection. Scenarios can utilize pedestrian crosswalks and a tunnel complete with an overpass for simulating obstructed communication. To assist clients in using the new track, an in-house vehicle evaluation department is on hand. Its knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians offer extensive testing services and support with specialized test equipment.

Aside from the new ADAS facility, Fowlerville Proving Ground has all the usual proving ground sections, spread over 3.8km2, including a 3-mile (4.8km) oval track, 4500m2 of low- and middle-μ tiles, a 1.37km long straightaway, an 81m2 dynamic pad, 3 parking grades, fully equipped garage and office spaces, and a variety of profile and NVH roads.

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