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Environmental test chambers

Thermotron’s SE-Series environmental test chambers are designed to help maximize testing potential. As advances in the auto industry produce improved vehicle capabilities, HEVs, and AVs, Thermotron’s SE Chambers meet problem-solving needs.

Alongside standard features such as a patented air baffle design, which ensures consistent air flow across the entire chamber, the SE-Series is fully customizable and tailored to the features and performance characteristics of each unique test. With the patented Universal Port, the SE Chamber can seamlessly integrate with modules like AST HALT and HASS, remote conditioning and workspace extensions, instantly increasing the productivity and flexibility of test labs.
SE Chambers can be outfitted with extensive safety features for protection during the testing of li-ion batteries. To perform at the highest level and offer a custom testing experience, SE Chambers are outfitted with a robust, intuitive 8800 controller. The 8800 runs on a Windows platform containing embedded software features to ensure real-time data analysis and connectivity on up to 40 channels simultaneously.

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