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Integrated flow measurement systems

The brand-new M-Flow measurement module and the high-precision flow meter turbine is Ipetronik’s system to collect flow rate data in the test setup. The system calculates the flow rates of water, oil, fuel, AdBlue and many other liquid media and provides accurate results at any temperature. It guarantees production-quality measurements with virtually no pressure loss in the development and testing phase. The system meets the growing needs of electromobility in battery cooling systems.

The flow meter turbine is developed by Ipetronik’s partner, TrigasDM, and offers a freely rotating 360° pick-off with an integrated temperature sensor for highly precise measurements, compensating for changing flow rates or a fluctuating operating temperature on the fly. In combination with the M-Flow, an automatic adjustment for temperature and preloaded configurations for different viscosities are available to switch between. Up to 20 calibration points per viscosity and per liquid are possible.

Connecting the M-Flow and turbine in the test setup guarantees direct integration in the data acquisition equipment with a maximum sample rate for temperature and flow of 1kHz each. The robust, compact module offers a variety of adjustment options. The flow rate can be calculated in any unit and an external temperature channel can be selected as an option to replace the pick-off.

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