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Remote X-Y-Z displacement measurement with sampling moiré camera solution
Kyowa Americas

Kyowa Electronic Instruments Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer in the field of stress measurement, with the strain gauge as its core product. As an affiliated company, Kyowa Americas Inc has deployed sales and technical support for valued users in the Americas region.

To meet the requirements of a new generation of test and measurement equipment, the company has launched new technology – a sampling moiré camera system – that enables users to measure displacement at multiple points simultaneously with one camera. This product makes it possible to perform remote and contactless monitoring for various kinds of material from small components to large structures.

Remote X-Y-Z displacement measurement with the sampling moiré camera solution allows the acquisition of displacement data with high-speed imaging (maximum of 500fps). Simultaneous measurement of a maximum of 16 points is possible with one camera.

Results can be checked immediately with dedicated software. Synchronized measurements are possible with up to three cameras. Measurement for any length of time is possible.

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