New small dyno
Force Control Industries

A new low-speed dynamometer for low-power applications will be the highlight of Force Control’s booth at Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2019. The 20hp low-speed, high-torque dynamometer load brake package with load cell is a compact load brake design that is perfect for loading final drives of lawn and garden machines, ATVs, heavy-duty torque wrenches, golf carts, industrial gearboxes, and more.

The dyno uses Force Control Industries’ Oil Shear Technology to provide smooth, precise, controllable torque transfer with quick responses. It is also suitable for endurance testing (weeks or months) and or high cycle steps. The new load brake combines a small footprint with low-inertia rotating components for high efficiency. Another benefit is the very low noise level – less than 60dBA – that will not interfere with gear noise recordings and certification.

Booth: 10013

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